Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP Projects)

Our department has an active and vital Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), in which 30 to 50 undergraduates participate during any given semester. UROP is an excellent vehicle for getting involved in important, active research projects within the department, and also provides a means of satisfying the independent research project portion of the degree requirements.

EAPS annually awards the Goetze Prize for Undergraduate Research. Students participating in EAPS UROP projects are eligible to compete for the Award. Contact the Education Office for more information.

All of the EAPS faculty will work with a student to develop a UROP project, so we don't maintain a list of openings. It would appear too restrictive. If you are looking for a UROP project, please feel free to contact any faculty member whose research interests you. They will welcome hearing from you. If you want some additional guidance to help you identify a suitable faculty supervisor, contact the UROP Coordinator for more information: Ann Greaney-Williams, agreaney@mit.edu

Check deadlines or download paperwork from the UROP Office.