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In terms of the range of disciplines encompassed, EAPS is arguably the broadest of MIT's science departments. Our studies concern everything from the very center of the Earth more than 4000 miles beneath our feet to the character of planets far outside our own solar system, and the myriad structures and processes in between on time and space scales spanning more than 10 orders of magnitude.

Our research is fundamental in nature, but it underpins many of the most pressing societal questions of our time: climate and environmental change; natural hazards; natural resources; the origins of life both here on Earth, and elsewhere.

Here we subdivide EAPS research into eight distinguishable categories: atmospheric science, climate, geobiology, geochemistry, geology, geophysics, oceanography, and planetary science. Much of our research is interdisciplinary so you will see many of our people appearing in multiple categories.

Bridging these categories are several self-directed research Institute, Centers, Laboratories and Initiatives within or intersecting EAPS.

Within and overlying these are multiple groups arising from interdisciplinary collaborations across faculty and senior research groups among them:

Institute wide organisations with significant EAPS involvement include: