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Yuan Gao

Visiting Scientist

Research Description

Dr. Yuan Gao’s research interests are in the fields of atmospheric aerosols (particularly dust), air-sea chemical exchange and air pollution. The goals of her research are to understand the processes affecting the composition of the atmosphere and its potential impact on the ocean biogeochemical cycles and environmental changes. Her research has spanned many regions, from the Asian coast to the US East Coast, and from the Arctic Ocean to the Southern Ocean. Dr. Gao applies integrated approaches that combine field measurements, laboratory experiments and numerical modeling to characterize the properties of atmospheric dust and iron-containing particles along with other trace substances in the atmosphere and try to better understand the land-atmosphere-ocean interactions. Her current research projects focus on the near and far, from understanding how urban air quality impacts human health around the metropolitan area (New York City-Newark in New Jersey) to studying the atmospheric iron deposition to the Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean and Antarctica (for more relevant info, please see:

Dr. Gao received her PhD in Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island. She is a professor at Rutgers University, and currently she is on sabbatical leave, spending time at Dr. Ed Boyle’s lab to explore lead isotopic fingerprints on Antarctic aerosols.

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