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Jack Wisdom

Professor of Planetary Sciences

Jack Wisdom's research interests include the long-term evolution of the orbits and spins of the planets and natural satellites, qualitative behavior of dynamical systems and chaotic behavior.



Tian, Z. L. and Wisdom, J. (2020) Vertical angular momentum constraint on lunar formation and orbital history PNAS.

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Wisdom, J. (2017) Sympletic test particle encounters: a comparison of methods  MNRAS, vol. 464, p. 2350

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Wisdom, J. and Tian, Z. L. (2015) Early evolution of the Earth-Moon system with a fast-spinning Earth Icarus, vol. 256, pp. 138-146, doi: 10.1016/j.icarus.2015.02.025






Member, National Academy of Sciences (2008) | John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellow (1994) | Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1992) | NSF Presidential Young Investigator (1988-1994) | Helen B. Warner Prize of the American Astronomical Society (1987) | Harold C. Urey Prize of the AAS Division for Planetary Sciences (1986)

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t: 617 253 7730





Ph.D., Physics, California Institute of Technology, 1981
B.S., Physics, Rice University, 1976

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