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Tushar Mittal

Postdoctoral Fellow (EAPS Distinguished Crosby Fellow)

Tushar Mittal joins the Jagoutz group as the EAPS Distinguished Crosby Fellow. Looking at the Earth system, his research investigates the evolution of magmatic systems - thermochemical evolution and formation of large igneous province and understanding their eruptive history through statistical analysis of proxy records.  During his PhD, he worked on the Deccan Traps continental flood basalt (CFB) province to constrain their lava eruptive history at <10,000 yr resolution using a combination of paleomagnetic, volcanological, and proxy records. In addition, he investigated, using thermochemical models, what are the unique feature of CFB magmatic system that allow basaltic eruptions of thousands of km^3 of lava, unlike any modern day volcanism. These finding help constrain the crustal magmatic system of CFBs and may have important implications for relationship between volatile degassing from CFBs and mass extinctions.  In addition to this, he has also worked on submarine volcanism, frictional rock mechanics, as well as coupled thermo-visco-elastic porous media flow and two-phase melt transport. Mittal’s work also touches on icy satellite evolution, geochemical evolution of planetary cores, planetesimal/asteroid formation, and protoplanetary disk evolution.

Mittal has a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in physics from Johns Hopkins University.

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