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Tong Bai

Postdoctoral Associate

Tong Bai is a postdoc, working with Nori Nakata. His research interests focus on the wave propagation, seismic imaging and inverse problems. In particular, he is interested in the theory of seismic attenuation (i.e., energy dissipation and velocity dispersion), a complementary attribute to seismic velocity, which facilities fluids characterization and fracture detection and is crucial in the oil and gas exploration. Before joining EAPS at MIT, Tong also worked as a postdoc researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and applied seismic tomographic methods (teleseismic body-wave tomography and ambient noise tomography) on volcanic fields in Chile and Alaska to characterize transcrustal magmatic system.

Bai has a PhD (2019) in geophysics and seismology from the Colorado School of Mines, and he received his BSgeophysics and seismology, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

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