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Shlomit Sharoni

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a Fulbright and Rothschild Postdoc Fellow at Mick Follow’s lab. I use statistical and computational tools to study the reciprocal interaction between marine phytoplankton, global biogeochemical cycles, and climate on different time scales.


For a full list of publications, see here

Sharoni S. and Halevy I., (2022) Rates of seafloor and continental weathering govern Phanerozoic marine phosphate levelsNature Geoscience. Sharoni, S., Halevy, I.

Sharoni S. and Halevy I., (2021) Geologic controls on phytoplankton elemental composition. PNAS.119 (1) e2113263118. Highlighted in press.

Crockford P., Kunzmann M., Blättler C., Kalderon-Asael B., Murphy J., Ahm A.S., Sharoni S., Halverson G., Planavsky N., Halevy I., and Higgins J., (2020) Reconstructing Neoproterozoic seawater chemistry from early diagenetic dolomiteGeology.

Sharoni S. and Halevy I., (2020) Nutrient ratios in marine particulate organic matter are predicted by the population structure of well-adapted phytoplankton. Science Advances, (6)eaaw9371.

Trainic M., Koren I., Sharoni S., Frada M., Segev L., Rudich Y. and Vardi A., (2018) Infection dynamics of a bloom-forming alga and its virus determine airborne coccolith emission from seawater. iScience, (6)327-335.

Lehahn Y., Koren I., Sharoni S., O'dovido F., Boss E., (2017) Dispersion/dilution enhances phytoplankton blooms in low-nutrient waters. Nature communications, (8)14868.

Sharoni S., Trainic M., Schatz D., Lehahn Y., Flores M., Ben Dor S., Rudich Y., Koren I. and Vardi A., (2015) Infection of bloom-forming phytoplankton by aerosolized marine virusesPNAS, (112)6643-6647.

Lehahn, Y., Koren I., Rudich Y., Bidle K. D., Trainic M., Flores M., Sharoni S., and Vardi A., (2014) Decoupling oceanic and atmospheric factors affecting aerosol loading over a cluster of mesoscale North Atlantic eddies. Geophysical Research Letters, (41)4075–4081.

Lehahn, Y., Koren I., Schatz D., Frada M, Sheyn U., Boss E., Efrati S., Rudich Y., Trainic M., Sharoni S., Laber C., DiTullio G. R., Coolen M., Martins A. M., Van Mooy B., Bidle K. D., and Vardi A., (2014) Decoupling physical from biological processes to assess the impact of viruses on a mesoscale algal bloom. Current Biololgy, (24)2041–2046. Highlighted in: Nature (2014) 512, 351.

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