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Shigeru Wakita

Shigeru Wakita

Postdoctoral Associate

Shigeru Wakita is a planetary scientist and has interests in the early solar system.

To explore the relationship between asteroids and meteorites, he has been studied the thermal modelling of the parent body of meteorites, asteroids, and planetesimals. He is also interested in how to make tiny droplets in the meteorites (chondrules) via planetesimal collisions. Shigeru has been conducted these researches using numerical simulations and is expanding the impact modelling to the formation process of craters on the Moon and icy satellites. He will examine the impact cratering on Titan, as a postdoctoral member of the Soderblom group at EAPS. This helps to understand the impact craters on the icy bodies formed over the long history of the solar system.

Shigeru Wakita received his BS (2005), MS (2007), and PhD (2010) from Kyushu University. 

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