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Samuel Bowring

Robert R. Shrock Professor of Geology

A central theme of Sam Bowring’s work is using high-precision U-Pb zircon geochronology to examine rates of geological and biological processes in deep time from calibrating rates of biologic evolution to determining the age and duration of major extinction events to constraining the earliest history of the earth. Areas of particular interest include the origin and evolution of continental crust and the thermal history of orogenic belts. His work also extends to environmental applications of tracer isotopes using the isotopic composition of Pb, Sr, and U in natural waters to examine mixing and the fate and transport of contaminants.


Fellow, National Academy of Sciences (2015)) | Fellow, The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, (2013) | Fellow, Geochemical Society (2011) | Norman L. Bowen Award (AGU) (2010) | Research Associate, Denver Museum of Nature & Science (2008-Present) | Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (2008) | Robert R. Shrock Professor in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (2007-Present) | Everett Moore Baker Memorial Award (2007-Present) | The MacVicar Award (2006-Present) | The Breene M. Kerr Professorship of Earth and Planetary Sciences (192002-2007) | Honorary Visiting Professor at St. Andrews University, Scotland (2000-Present) | Fellow, Geological Society of America (1999) | Louis Murray Fellow (University of Cape Town) (1998) | Erasmus Haworth Graduate Honors in Geology (1983) | McCollum, Burton Scholarship in Geology (1982) | Dean A. McGee Scholarship in Geology (1981)

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t: 617 253 3775

e: (administrative assistant)




Ph.D., Geology, University of Kansas, 1985
M.S., Geology, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 1980
B.S., Geology, University of New Hampshire, 1976

Administrative Assistant