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Paul Corlies

Postdoctoral Associate

Titan is the only other body than Earth to host an active hydrologic cycle with clouds, rain, lakes, and rivers. To understand this cycle, I use a combination of space-based Cassini data and Earth-based observations to monitor and analyze the formation and evolution of clouds in Titan's atmosphere. So far, my research has focused on the identification of new clouds and the modelling of the ensemble properties of Titan's clouds observed to date. At MIT, I plan to further expand the cloud modelling code to look at the in-depth formation and evolution of individual cloud systems and how these can be couple to mesoscale models and general circulation models. These studies are valuable in understanding the dynamics of Titan's atmosphere as well as connections that may exist between the atmosphere and surface.  

Other research interests include: (ice) giant atmosphere, exoplanetary atmosphere retrievals, near-IR and submillimeter instrumentation, and cometary surfaces.

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Masters/PhD from Cornell University
BA from University of Pennsylvania