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Maike Sonnewald

Postdoctoral Associate

I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Carl Wunsch and Patrick Heimbach on uncertainly quantification using the ECCO model. My work centres around ocean dynamics, with a focus on a critical view on ocean models utilising the state estimate.

My interests include ocean heat content and transport, ocean energetics and complex systems dynamics. I got my PhD from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, working on ocean model complexity, specifically changes in utility with horizontal resolution looking at systematic model comparison and validation on a range of model fields.


Bulczak, A.I., Bacon, S., Naveira Garabato, A.C., Ridout, A., Sonnewald, M., and Laxon, S.W. (2015) Seasonal Variability of Sea Surface Height in the Coastal Waters and Deep Basins of the Nordic Seas Geophysical Research Letters (42) (doi:10.1002/2014GL061796).

Sonnewald, M., Hirschi, J.J.-M., Marsh, R., McDonagh, E.L. and King, B.A. (2013) Atlantic meridional ocean heat transport at 26N: impact on subtropical ocean heat content variability Ocean Science, 9, (6), 1057-1069. (doi:10.5194/os-9-1057-2013).

Sonnewald, M., Hirschi, J.J.-M., Nurser, A.G. and Dyke, J. Insights from studying model divergence with resolution in NEMO. In preparation

Sonnewald, M., Hirschi, J.J.-M. and Nurser, A.G. How do Ocean Heat Fluxes Depend on Bottom Pressure Torque? In preparation

Sonnewald, M., Ferrari, R. and Nurser, A.G. Advective controls on Southern Ocean mixed layer dynamics in NEMO. In preparation