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Brindha Kanniah

Graduate Student

Research Description

Brindha Kanniah is a first year PhD student in Geophysics, working with Professor Laurent Demanet. She is interested in blending machine learning methods with computational physics to optimize the process of 4D seismic inversion and interpretation of Earth’s subsurface, for oil and gas exploration and production. Before joining EAPS, Brindha was an undergraduate in MIT where she spent time exploring her interest in astrophysics, robotics and astronomy; doing research both in MIT and institutions abroad in Germany, Spain and Italy. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Physics at MIT, and pursued a master's degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences at EAPS after; where she researched the deep learning as a method to characterize glacial dynamics. Between her master's and PhD, she took a short hiatus from academia to work with the Applied Mathematics and Data Analytics Group at Schlumberger Doll Research.

Contact Information


MSc, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., 2019 BS, Physics with a concentration Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., 2019