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Jodie Barker Ream

Research Scientist

Jodie Ream is a Space Physicist specializing in magnetospheric physics and plasma waves. She joined the Weiss Lab as a research scientist under aegis of the Psyche Discovery Mission

Ream completed her Doctorate in Space Physics ( at the University of California in 2015 where her research focused on analyzing magnetic pulsations, designated as Pi2 pulsations, observed on the ground concurrently with the onset of auroral substorms. In that work she used the results from simulations of the earth’s magnetosphere to determine the magnetospheric source for those pulsations.

After completing her degree, Ream taught physics and astronomy classes at Utah Valley University while continuing her magnetospheric research. In particular, she has been investigating the prospects of enhancing the capabilities of global magnetospheric magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulations by incorporating a more realistic, physics-based, ionospheric boundary, in order to investigate the environment surrounding Earth from the ground up.

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