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James Bramante

Graduate Student

Exploring the impacts of climate variability and climate change on Pacific coral atolls. Investigating the morphologic evolution of reef islands and reef structures.


Bramante, J.F. and Sin, T.M. (2015). "Optimization of a Semi-Analytical Algorithm for Multi-Temporal Water Quality Monitoring in Inland Waters with Wide Natural Variability." Remote Sensing 7: 16623-16646.

Bramante, J.F. and Raju, D.K. (2013). "Predicting the distribution of informal camps established by the displaced after a catastrophic disaster, Port-au-Prince, Haiti." Applied Geography 40: 30-39.

Bramante, J.F., Raju, D.K., and Sin, T.M. (2013). "Multispectral derivation of bathymetry in Singapore's shallow, turbid waters." International Journal of Remote Sensing 34: 2070-2088.


2010 DigitalGlobe 8-Band Challenge Winner

Contact Information

t: 508 289 3263



WHOI: Clark 242 MS#22 | MIT: E25, 601A


M.SSc. Geography, National University of Singapore
B.A. Environmental Earth Sciences, Dartmouth College