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Chen Gu

Postdoctoral Associate

Biographical Overview: Dr. Gu recently completed here PhD in EAPS/ERL, working with Profs. Toksoz and Evans, and is continuing her work here as a Postdoctoral Associate. Her research interests include Acoustic experiments, Rock mechanism of hydraulic fractures, Microseismicity, and High pressure mineral physics.

Research Areas: Uncertainty & Inversion

Applications: Induced Seismicity, Unconventionals



P. Poli, G. Prieto, C. Yu, M. Florez, H. Agurto-Detzel, T.D. Mikesell, C. Gu, V. Dionicio, P. Pedraza, 2016, "Complex rupture of the M 6.3 2015 March 10 Bucaramanga earthquake: evidence of strong weakening process", Geophysical Journal International, 205, 988 - 994

C. Gu, N. Toksöz, 2015, "Moment Tensor Inversion of Induced Seismicity Under Different Station Configurations in Oil/Gas Fields", Society of Exploration Geophysicists Annual Meeting

M. Jiang, C. Gu, R.D. Braatz, 2015, "Understanding temperature-induced primary nucleation in dual impinging jet mixers", Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, 97, 187 - 194

Y. Ye, C. Gu, S.H. Shim, Y. Meng, V. Prakapenka, 2014, "The postspinel boundary in pyrolitic compositions determined in the laser-heated diamond anvil cell", Geophysical Research Letters, 41, 3833 - 3841

Z. Zhu, X. Liu, C. Gu, M.N. Toksoz, 2013, "Experimental studies of the acoustic wave field near a borehole"

C. Gu, K. Catalli, B. Grocholski, L. Gao, E. Alp, P. Chow, Y. Xiao, H. Cynn, W.J. Evans, S.H. Shim, 2012, "Electronic structure of iron in magnesium silicate glasses at high pressure", GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 39

Contact Information

t: 617-324-4335

e: helen


PhD, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., 2016
BSc, Geology, Nanjing U.