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Fatima Husain

Graduate Student and Science Writer

Fatima Husain is a Cambridge-based science producer and Ph.D. student in the EAPS Summons and Fournier Labs. Before joining MIT EAPS, Fatima earned her Master's degree from the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing, for which she focused on audio and video production about the geosciences. Before that, she earned her Bachelor's degree with Honors in Geology and Chemistry from Brown University.
In addition to writing and lending her voice for Scientific American Custom Media, MIT Abstracts, BIOmarkers, Rhode Island NPR 89.3FM's Possibly, NOVA | PBS, MIT News, and EAPS News, she works in the Summons Lab to tell different kinds of stories — ones starring lipid biomarkers, tiny molecular fossils that archive Earth's environmental history. In the Fournier Lab, she studies the history and evolution of proteins associated with major events in Earth's history using computational phylogenomic methods.  
Outside of the lab, Fatima is a regular invited guest and "Eco Hero" on Iowa's KFMG 98.9FM's Green City, an MIT Presidential Fellow, MIT WISDM Fellow, and an avid gardener.