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Eva Golos

Research Specialist

Eva is interested in seismic tomography and the intersection of geology and geophysics at global and continental scales. She uses multiple types of seismic data to constrain multiple seismic properties, which is crucial for understanding the physical processes such as temperature and chemistry that influence the seismic wavespeed of the lithospheric mantle. Imaging thermal and chemical variations can provide insight into the evolution of the oldest parts of continents, into ongoing active tectonic processes, and into natural hazards. Her work also involves collaboration with geologists to combine seismic and petrologic modeling in order to bridge the gap between the mineral scale and global Earth structure.

Eva received a BS in Science of Earth Systems (concentration in Geological Sciences) from Cornell University in 2013, and a PhD in Geophysics from MIT in 2020.

Contact Information

t: 617 258 7702