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Christine Chen

Graduate Student

Research Description

I am currently a PhD student in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program and a member of David McGee's group. I am broadly interested in the history of Earth's climate, and I use field geology, geochronology, and modeling to reconstruct past changes in Earth's hydrological cycle, particularly from lacustrine archives.


Chen, C. Y. and Maloof, A. C. (2017) Revisiting the deformed shoreline of Lake Bonneville, Quaternary Science Reviews, 159, 169-189. doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2016.12.019

Husson, J. M., Maloof, A. C., Schoene, B., Chen, C. Y., Higgins, J. A. (2015) Stratigraphic expression of Earth's deepest 13C excursion in the Wonoka Formation of South Australia, American Journal of Science, 315, 1-45. doi: 10.2475/01.2015.01