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Bin Lyu

Bin Lyu

Postdoctoral Associate

Research Description

Bin Lyu joins the Nakata group as a postdoctoral associate. His research interests focus on seismic imaging and inversion, seismic attributes, and microseismic event location. He has several years’ experience as a geophysicist on developing and applying seismic processing, velocity analysis, and depth migration methods for the land seismic data with both complicated topography and subsurface structures. During the PhD, he has developed multispectral dip, coherence, and aberrancy seismic geometric attributes to assist incised channel delineation and fault identification. At MIT, Bin Lyu works on improving microseismic event location using wavefield back-propagation methods.

Bin Lyu received his BS and MS in Geophysics from China University of Petroleum, and PhD in Geophysics from University of Oklahoma.

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