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Amanda Bosh

Senior Lecturer

Amanda Bosh is an astronomer and planetary scientist. Her research focus includes studies of the atmospheres of icy bodies in the outer solar system and the kinematics of planetary rings, both utilizing a technique known as stellar occultation.

She teaches three undergraduate courses in observational astronomy 12.410 / 8.287J (Observational Techniques of Optical Astronomy), 12.411 / 12.611 (Astronomy Field Camp), and 12.409 (Hands-on Astronomy.).

Bosh also coordinates observe@MIT, an on-campus opportunity for the MIT community to stargaze. Members of the MIT community are encouraged to come and observe the sky above and learn about space and what there is to see on that particular day or night. Participants may look through telescopes and engage in conversation with peers and astronomy enthusiasts alike up on the roof of Building 37, on MIT's campus. (For alerts join the observe@MIT mailing list.)


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