PAOC Colloquium - Susan van den Heever (CSU)

Susan van den Heever (CSU)
Monday, April 26, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Do Aerosols Strengthen or Weaken Convective Cloud Updrafts?

The impacts of aerosols on convective clouds has been extensively studied over the last several decades. Despite these studies, significant uncertainties remain regarding aerosol influences on the updrafts of convective clouds, inspiring numerous community debates on aerosol-induced convective invigoration. These uncertainties have been attributed to aspects such as environmental modulation, storm type, co-variability of aerosols and meteorology, and the limitations of numerical model parameterizations. In this talk we will examine the robustness of aerosol-induced convective invigoration through the lens of the first model intercomparison project focusing on the impacts of hygroscopic aerosols on deep convective clouds. We will also present a new framework that is based on theoretical calculations and that significantly reshapes our understanding of aerosol effects on convective updrafts.

About this Event:

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