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Yusuke Mukuhira

Postdoctoral Fellow

Yusuke Mukuhira joined ERL, MIT in October 2016 as JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research Abroad which is fellowship sponsored by Japanese government for 2 years. He worked as JSPS postdoc at Institute of fluid science of Tohoku University for 3 years and engaged laboratory experiment to investigate the thermal stress contribution to induced seismicity. He received PhD in March 2013 at Tohoku University in Japan. The most of his work focused on the investigation of physical process of occurrence of large induced seismicity. He has been working for wide area associated with induced seismicity for more than 10 years. So, his achievement of MD in 2010 and BD in 2008 were also part of the series of study of induced seismicity. His interests are seismology, statistical seismology, geophysics, resource engineering, hydrology, and geomechanics.

Contact Information

t: 617-255-5322





PhD, Geophysics, Tohoku Univ., 2013
MD, Geophysics, Tohoko Univ., 2010
BD, Resource Engineering, Tohoko Univ., 2008