Faculty Promotions

Helen Hill
Monday, February 6, 2012

Tanja Bosak and Paul O'Gorman to be promoted to Associate Professor.

As announced at last Friday's State of EAPS event, the Executive Committee of the Corporation has approved the promotions of Tanja Bosak (geomicrobiology and microbial sedimentology) and Paul O'Gorman (atmospheric sciences) to Associate Professor Without Tenure (effective July 2012).

Bosak's research concerns studying microbial fossils to understand the parallel evolution of life and the environment. Examples of Bosak's lab research include how biological, chemical and physical processes shape sedimentary rock, what ecosystems looked like between Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth events, and their influence on the carbon cycle.

Recent publications include Bosak, T., F. Macdonald, D. Lahr, and E. Matys (2011a), Putative Cryogenian ciliates from Mongolia in Geology and Bosak, T., D. J. G. Lahr, S. B. Pruss, F. A. Macdonald, L. Dalton, and E. Matys (2011b), Agglutinated tests in post-Sturtian cap carbonates of Namibia and Mongolia in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. You can read more about some of her recent work in this June 2011 MIT News Story "Life after Snowball Earth".

Bosak joined the faculty in 2007.

O'Gorman's research concerns the large-scale dynamics of the atmosphere, climate change, and turbulence. He is particularly interested in the behavior of the hydrological cycle and extratropical storms in different climates.

Recent publications include O'Gorman, P. A., Allan, R. P., Byrne, M. P. & Previdi, M. (2012) Energetic constraints on precipitation under climate change  in Surveys in Geophysics and Singh, M. S. & O'Gorman, P. A. (2012) Upward shift of the general circulation of the atmosphere in response to global warming submitted to Journal of Climate. You can read more about some of his recent work in this October 2010 MIT News story "Study sees changing intensity of storms from warming".

O'Gorman joined the faculty in 2008. 


Image: Tanja Bosak - Source: www.complex-life.org

Image: Paul O'Gorman (right) with group members, graduate students Martin Singh (left) and Michael Byrne (middle) (photo credit: Helen Hill)