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Helen Hill | EAPS News
Wednesday, November 23, 2011


EAPS has two new members of faculty. Atmospheric chemist, Professor Dan Cziczo (pronounced Cit-so) and planetary scientist Professor Kerri Cahoy.

Dan Cziczo

Prof. Cziczo comes to us from PNNL where he has been a Senior Scientist in the Atmospheric Science and Global Change Division and Director of the Atmospheric Measurement Lab in the Fundamental Science Directorate since 2007.

Meet Atmospheric chemist - Prof. Dan Cziczo

Cziczo is particularly interested in the interrelationship of particulate matter and cloud formation. His research utilizes laboratory and field studies to elucidate how small particles interact with water vapor to form droplets and ice crystals which are important players in the Earth’s climate system. Experiments include using small cloud chambers in the laboratory to mimic atmospheric conditions that lead to cloud formation and observing clouds in situ from remote mountaintop sites or through the use of research aircraft. Dan’s current research interests include: Chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols with an emphasis on their effect on cloud formation mechanisms, Earth's radiative budget, and meteoritic debris and launch vehicle emissions in the atmosphere. READ MORE

Kerri Cahoy

Prof. Cahoy comes to us from the Goddard Space Flight Center where she has been involved in the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) dual-spacecraft mission to the Moon. She joins EAPS as an Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Cahoy uses spacecraft radio systems to study the atmospheres and ionospheres of solar system planets. 

Meet Planetary Scientist - Prof. Kerri Cahoy

Cahoy' s principal interest is the study of planetary atmospheres both within the Solar System but also of exoplanets. An electrical engineer by training, she also designs and builds instrumentation, in particular telescopes equipped with coronagraphs for direct imaging with coronagraphy on spacecraft. "I am interested in all bodies with atmospheres, although I also have an interest in the moon but more from an Earth-Moon evolutionary standpoint and planet systems architecture evolutionary standpoint. I'm also interested in Earth's atmosphere and climate and in remote sensing experiments to monitor climate change using radio signals from Earth-orbiting satellites." READ MORE


Atmospheric chemist Dan Cziczo is interested in the way atmospheric aerosol particles can effect the Earth's climate system - Image: Helen Hill, EAPS

Dan Cziczo

Cziczo Group

Planetary scientist Kerri Cahoy uses spacecraft radio systems to study planetary atmospheres and ionospheres - Image: Helen Hill, EAPS

Kerri Cahoy