How we know it’s happening

Climate Now
Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Watch the video on Climate Now

Prof. Kerry Emanuel speaks with Ozak Esu and James Lawler of Climate Now about how we know humans are causing climate change. “What we’re seeing that’s different is not the warmth of the planet – it’s been much warmer 55 million years ago – it’s not that there are no other reasons climate ever changes,” says Emanuel, “but we have high confidence that this very high rate of warming, by the standards of the geological past, is owing to the measured incontrovertible increase in greenhouse gases.”

This video is part of their Climate Change Primer Series, which "sets forth key concepts relevant to understanding climate change and our global energy system. Topics covered include how we know that human-caused climate change is really happening, where our emissions come from, the costs of climate change, frameworks for projecting future climate scenarios, the social cost of carbon, and summaries of potential solutions."