Enjoy stargazing in the Berkshires? Then you should be worried about light pollution, astronomers say

Felix Carroll | The Berkshire Eagle
Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Tim Brothers of MIT's Wallace Observatory and EAPS speaks with Felix Carroll of The Berkshire Eagle about how "Massachusetts is the only state in the Northeast without regulations restricting outdoor lighting. That could change." He's trying to reduce light pollution, particularly around New England where it's been increasing. Experts say that, among the many reasons to reduce and modify lighting at night, would be to improve human and environmental health, sustainability, and night sky viewing. "About 85 percent of people in the United States live in communities where they cannot see the Milky Way at night ... In the Berkshires, you have something special, and you should try to fight hard to keep it."

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Story Image: Night sky. Credit: NPS