2 Red objects were found in the asteroid belt. They shouldn’t be there.

Jonathan O’Callaghan | The New York Times
Thursday, July 29, 2021

A new study co-authored by postdoctoral associate Michaël Marsset details how two red objects that have been discovered in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter appear to have originated beyond Neptune, reports Jonathan O’Callaghan for The New York Times. “In order to have these organics, you need to initially have a lot of ice at the surface,” explains Marsset. “So they must have formed in a very cold environment.”

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Story Image: An artist's concept of Arrokoth, a Kuiper Belt object visited by the New Horizons spacecraft in 2019. Scientists say two asteroids, 203 Pompeja and 269 Justitia, appear to have a similar color. Credit: Science Photo Library/Alamy