Kerry Emanuel on his career and the evolution of atmospheric dynamics research

Deep Convection podcast
Monday, March 30, 2020

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MIT EAPS professor Kerry Emanuel's distinguished career, which began at MIT, is marked by seminal contributions to the understanding of atmospheric convection and the physics of hurricanes. He discusses experiences that have shaped his work, where they led him, and how the field of climate and atmospheric research has changed, with Adam Sobel PhD '98, who's a professor at Columbia University specializing in atmospheric and climate dynamics, tropical meteorology, extreme weather.

Deep Convection is a podcast featuring real conversations between climate scientists (or sometimes those working in areas adjacent to climate science). The goal is to capture what it is like to work in our field at this moment in history. We talk about our lives, how we came to do what we do, what the work means to us, and how that is changing, or isn’t – and sometimes about science. Our top priority is to capture good conversations, but if some learning happens that’s fine too.

The interview with Kerry Emanuel was recorded in October 2019.