Congratulations to the EAPS Class of 2020

EAPS Education Office
Friday, May 29, 2020

Degrees awarded during the 2019/2020 academic year. Degrees are conferred in September, February and June.

June 2020

Doctoral Degrees

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Eva Marie Golos Geophysics Robert D. van der Hilst

Imaging and interpreting seismic heterogeneity in the North American lithosphere

Mukund Gupta

Climate Science

John Marshall

Climate Response to Perturbations: Role of Ocean and Sea Ice

Megan Jeramaz Lickley

Climate Science

Susan Solomon

Quantifying Uncertainties and Trends in the Climate Change Trajectory

Kelsey Reed Moore


Tanja Bosak

Cyanobacterial evolution and interactions with the Proterozoic world 

Deepa Rao *

Biological Oceanography

Michael J. Follows

Characterizing Cobalamin Cycling by Antarctic Marine Microbes across Multiple Scales

Master's Degrees

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title

Taylor Kristopher Safrit

Planetary Science

Amanda Bosh

Centaur shapes and the origin of bilobate Jupiter-family comets

Anuar Togaibekov

Geophysics Thomas Herring

Monitoring of oil-production-induced subsidence and uplift

Bachelor's Degrees

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Charlotte Minsky Earth and Planetary Sciences Richard Binzel

Studying the atmosphere of HD189733 b with the Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect

Ruth Tweedy Earth and Planetary Sciences David McGee

Tufa Based Reconstructions of Huasco Basin Lake Levels & Water Chemistry

Andrew Cummings Earth and Planetary Sciences Richard Binzel and Rebecca Masterson

Characterization of Solar X-ray Response Data from the REXIS Instrument

Janice Shiu Earth and Planetary Sciences Dara Entekhabi Relationship Between West African Monsoon Precipitation Characteristics and Maize Yields Across Sub-Saharan West Africa
Matthew Rushlow Earth and Planetary Sciences Taylor Perron

Particle motion tracking through machine learning: an empirical study of grain-scale motion in bedload sediment transport

Kyle Morgenstein Earth and Planetary Sciences Tanja Bosak and Kelsey Moore

Exploring the preservation of microbes and understanding their role in the fossil record

Andrew Iversen Earth and Planetary Sciences Richard Binzel

Determining Paleolake Sensitivity to Climate Variability in the Western United States Using GIS-modeling

February 2020

Doctoral Degrees

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title

James F Bramante *

Marine Geology

Jeff Donnelly

Wave-Driven Geomorphology of Pacific Carbonate Coastlines: From Landscape to Wavelength Scale

Christine Chen *


David McGee

U-Th Dating of Lacustrine Carbonates

Max Collinet


Timothy L. Grove

Experimental and Analytical Studies of Partial Melting in Planetesimals and the Martian Mantle

Noelle A Held *

Chemical Oceanography and Microbial Biogeochemistry

Mak Saito

Protein Regulation in Trichodesmium and Other Marine Bacteria: Observational and Interpretive Biomarkers of Biogeochemical Processes

Bryan E Kaiser *

Physical Oceanography

Larry Pratt

Finescale Abyssal Turbulence: Sources and Modeling

Kevin M Sutherland *

Chemical Oceanography and Biogeochemistry

Colleen M. Hansel

New Insights into the Marine Oxygen Cycle from Manganese Oxide Minerals and Reactive Oxygen Species

September 2019

Doctoral Degrees

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title

John B Biersteker

Planetary Sciences

Benjamin P. Weiss and Hilke E. Schlicting

Planet Formation and Evolution in our Solar System and Beyond

Katherine A Castagno *

Marine Geology

Jeff Donnelly

Storm Signatures in Coastal Ponds and Marshes over the Late Holocene

William B Corlett *

Physical Oceanography

W. Rockwell Geyer

Dynamics and Kinematics of an Estuarine Network

Manuel A Florez Torres


German A. Prieto

A Global Study of Double Seismic Zones and Its Implications for the Mechanism of Intermediate-Depth Earthquakes

Julie Jakoboski *

Physical Oceanography

W. Brechner Owens and Robert E. Todd

Equatorial Ocean Dynamics Impacting Upwelling West of Galápagos Archipelago

Meghan Jones *

Geological Oceanography

S. Adam Soule

Geophysical and Geochemical Constraints on Submarine Volcanic Processes

Christopher W Kinsley *


David McGee

Reconstructing Atmospheric Changes in Monsoon Regions Using Eolian Dust

Hannah F Mark *

Marine Geophysics

Dan Lizarralde and Mark Behn

Seismic and Numerical Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of Oceanic Lithosphere

Matthew B Osman *

Climate Science

Sarah Das

Greenlandic Ice Archives of North Atlantic Common Era Climate


Master's Degrees

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title

Stephan D Gallagher *

Physical Oceanography

Steven R. Jayne

Oceanic Response Observations due to Passing Tropical Cyclones: An Assessment of Drag and Sea Spray Parameterizations

Jorsua G Herrera Bethencourt

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Roger Summons

Molecular Characterization and Effect of Diagenesis and Maturation of Melanin in the Fossil Record

Tyler J Tamasi *

Chemical Oceanography

Andrew Babbin

Nitrogen Cycling in Tropical Reef-Building Corals: A Case Study From the Gardens of the Queen, Cuba

* awarded jointly by MIT-WHOI

Story Image: Killian Court at MIT during commencement. (Credit: Christopher Hartin)