2020′s first supermoon, the Snow Moon, will shine this weekend

Caroline Enos | Boston Globe
Thursday, February 6, 2020

This weekend, a Snow Moon will shine down on New England. Michael Person, director of MIT’s Wallace Astrophysical Observatory, talks to the Boston Globe about the event, which occurs each February after the heavy snowfall.

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The Snow Moon is the first of four supermoons, which are especially large full moons, that will appear in 2020, Person said.

“The full moon is a wonderful viewing target as it is the nighttime object most immune to light pollution, so it can generally be viewed from anywhere,” Person said.

Person recommends viewing the moon, which will rise in the east Saturday evening, away from city light pollution.

The next supermoons of 2020 will appear on March 9, April 8, and May 7, Person said. A Blue Moon, which is the second full moon in a single month, will be seen on Halloween this year, he said. 

Person hopes people will stop to view the full moons, or at least look up at the stars every now and then.

“I encourage everyone to try to reconnect with our night skies. With light pollution encroaching further and further away from city centers each year, we’re slowly losing awareness of the incredible majesty available for free above our heads,” Person said. “Taking some time to view the full moon is a great way to start an exploration of the night sky.”

Story Image: During its flight, the Galileo spacecraft returned images of the Moon. The Galileo spacecraft took these images on December 7, 1992 on its way to explore the Jupiter system in 1995-97. (Credit: NASA/JPL/USGS)