Who's Who? Who's New?

Lauren Hinkel | EAPS News
Monday, August 5, 2019

A chance to catch up with recent comings, goings and promotions in EAPS during July.

This month, EAPS welcomes several new faces to the department. Maggie Cedarstrom joins EAPS Headquarters as an Administrative Assistant, assisting Michael Richard and other HQ staff. She has a master's degree in Fine Arts from the University of New Hampshire, with a focus in oil painting. Jianxiong Sheng, who is a member of EAPS and Center for Global Change Science, has been promoted to Research Scientist.

Cristian Medina joins the Hager group as a Research Scientist. Medina comes to MIT after having worked for ten years at the Indiana Geological and Water Survey. His research focuses on the characterization of sedimentary rocks identified as potential targets for geologic carbon sequestration in the Midwest region of the US. This includes studying pore-scale characteristics, such as porosity, pore-size distribution, and capillary pressure, and their relationship to storage capacity, reservoir injectivity, and seal performance of caprock units.

Medina holds an undergraduate degree in Geology from the University of Chile. He also holds an M.S. and Ph.D. in Geological Sciences from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Jack Payette joins the Fournier Geobiology lab at MIT as a Senior Research Support Associate. Payette will be supporting research using genomics and bioinformatics tools to study molecular phylogenetics, horizontal gene transfer events, and how biological and geological processes co-evolved on Earth.

Payette is an Oceanography and Earth Sciences generalist, with a broad array of research skills and interests including water quality, remote sensing, invertebrate zoology, marine microbiology, and biogeochemical cycling. Payette is classically trained in oceanographic field and laboratory research. Past work has included: applied water quality data analysis with the MWRA, harmful algal bloom research with WHOI, open ocean mapping and exploration with NOAA, and a lab internship in molecular biology at MGH. Not only does Payette enjoy field and wet lab work in extreme environments, but also has a passion for dry lab research using computational tools and computer modeling for Earth Sciences. These interdisciplinary interests, experiences, and strong affinity for Earth Sciences are what brings him to the Fournier lab in EAPS. 

Payette has a B.A. in Earth Sciences: Oceanography, Cum Laude from the University of New Hampshire Durham (2009), and an M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts Boston (2018).

EAPS members who've left:

Mihkel Pajusalu
Seager Group

Adam Holt
Royden Group

Justin Jacquot
Cziczo Group

Noah Bechor Ben Dov
Research Scientist
Hager Group

Yuval Boneh
Visiting Scientist
Pec Group

Aylin Garcia Soto
Research Support Assoicate
Seager Group

Susan Mullen
Research Support Associate
Babbin Group