They Call Her ‘the Beyoncé of Earthquakes’: An Interview With Lucy Jones

Jill Cowan | The New York Times
Monday, July 15, 2019

"In Southern California, she needs little introduction. But in case you don’t know the seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones, she’s a barrier-breaking scientist who has been variously known as “the Beyoncé of Earthquakes,” “the Meryl Streep of government service,” or, simply, 'the earthquake lady.'” Jill Cowan from The New York Times interviews MIT alum and Caltech seismologist Lucy Jones in the wake of California's two large earthquakes (and more than 3,000 earthquakes, which have been recorded in this sequence) in early July 2019.

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Story Image: Dr. Lucy Jones at a news conference in Pasadena, Calif., after an earthquake last week. (Credit: John Antczak/Associated Press)