Who's Who? Who's New?

Helen Hill | EAPS News
Friday, January 5, 2018

A chance to catch up with recent comings and going in EAPS.

Besides new incoming faculty professors Lauren Demanet and Brent Minchew, EAPS warmly welcomes research scientist Muge Komurcu, postdoc Simone Moos and visitors Albion Lawrence (Ferrari Group) and Jun Wang (joining the Morgan Group) .

Muge Komurcu is an atmospheric physicist specializing in aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions and mixed-phase cloud microphysics. She utilizes her expertise in modeling to study changes in regional climate and extreme event. She joins EAPS as a research scientist working with Adam Schlosser. Before coming to MIT she worked as a research scientist in the Earth Systems Research Center at the University of New Hampshire. She holds a 2011 PhD from the Department of Meteorology, Penn State University (advised by Jerry Y. Harrington,) after which she spent two years at Yale University doing postdoctoral research looking at cloud-aerosol Interactions in GCMs with advisor Trude Storelvmo.

Simone Moos PhD '18 rejoins the Boyle Group as a postdoc having successfully defended her doctoral thesis ‘The Marine Biogeochemistry of Chromium Isotopes’ in September 2017. 

Moos developed one of the first reliable methods to measure Cr isotope ratios in seawater, which she now employs to study the relatively unexplored marine cycling of Cr. In seawater, Cr occurs at nano-molar concentrations and in two oxidation states (particle-reactive Cr(III) and soluble Cr(VI)). Moos’s research has direct implications for the interpretation of Cr isotope signatures in the geologic record, which are used to study the oxidation history of the atmosphere.

In 2015, Moos traveled from Alaska to the North Pole aboard the icebreaker USCGC Healy. This expedition was part of the international research program GEOTRACES, which studies the biogeochemical cycling of trace elements and their isotopes in the ocean. During the 10-week Arctic mission, Moos collected seawater samples for her own novel Cr isotope research, the Boyle lab’s long-standing lead isotope research, and the wider US trace metal community.

Researchers and Staff who left Nov/Dec 2017:
Frances Goldstein
Patrick Heimbach
Margaret Lankow
William Rodi

Postdocs who left Nov/Dec 2017:
Any Dale (Solomon Group)
William Frank (Prieto Group)
Eduardo Moreno-Chamarro (Marshall Group)
Michael Roesch (Cziczo Lab)
Farrokh Sheibani (Hager Lab)
Jordan Steckloff (Soderblom Group)

Visiting Scientists who left Nov/Dec 2017
Zhang “Jack” He (Herring Group)
Nicholas Scroxton (McGee Group)