Thank You for Going the Extra Mile for EAPS

Helen Hill
Wednesday, April 4, 2018

EAPS is delighted to share the news that Ms Mira Parsons, the administrator for the Babbin, Bergmann, Fournier and Grove labs, has been awarded a 2018 Infinite Mile Award. The Infinite Mile Award recognizes School of Science staff members who have gone "above and beyond" their required duties. In addition to a cash prize, awardees will be honored with a luncheon later this month.

Professor Andrew Babbin, who has worked side-by-side with Mira to build his new lab since starting as an Assistant Professor in January 2017, said of her, "Given MIT's mission to conduct the best science, Mira is the epitome of an Infinite-Miler, doing absolutely everything she can to enable our work."

Citing multiple occasions when Mira has gone above and beyond, Professor Gregory Fournier, who shares Ms Parson's administrative assistance said, "I consider myself very fortunate to work with her. She embodies the service and commitment upon which the MIT community both depends and prides itself."

"We are so fortunate in EAPS to have such a great group of folks supporting our faculty and staff," said Michael Richard (EAPS Administrative Officer). "I am delighted to hear that Mira has been recognized as one of our many shining stars."

Past EAPS awardees include Ms Melody Abedinejad (2016), and Mr Michael Richard (2014).