Women in XII (WiXII) Celebrate International Women’s Day

Angela Ellis | EAPS Development Office
Friday, March 10, 2017

Women in XII (WiXII) organized a special “Tiny Tea” to mark International Women’s Day on March 8th.

About 50 EAPS students, faculty and staff - including both women and men who chose to wear red in honor of International Women’s Day - met in the Ida Green Lounge for tea and snacks and to discuss the theme of this special day: Be Bold for Change.

WiXII provided a short self-assessment for participants to fill in to evaluate perceptions of how Woman-friendly EAPS is as a workplace, with questions on gender diversity and practices on recruitment, performance evaluation, career development and more. Stories were shared and suggestions were aired. The results of the survey will lead to further discussions in the department and point to ways in which EAPS can continue to improve, to eliminate gender bias and to strive for workplace diversity and equality of opportunity for all.

To find out more about WiXII and sign up for their emails, check out: http://wixii.scripts.mit.edu/wixii/

If you would like to support the Women in XII Fund to support these activities, please contact Angela Ellis, EAPS Senior Development Officer at 253-5796 or aellis@mit.edu.

WiXII (Women in Course 12) is dedicated to fostering an environment that respects and supports all members of the EAPS community — including students, staff, faculty, and visitors of all genders, races, ages, sexualities, and abilities — as they further their careers. We serve as an active advocate for women’s and minorities’ rights in the Department, maintaining a space for constructive conversations about equality in academia and the workplace, especially relating to gender and diversity. We envision a respectful, welcoming community that supports the retention and equal treatment of women in all roles in the scientific community and inspires role models for the diverse future generations entering STEM.