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Helen Hill for EAPS News
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

This month EAPS welcomes two new postdocs Athena Eyster and Mary Knapp.

Athena Eyster, this year’s 2017 Crosby Postdoctoral Fellow, is interested in the dynamics and characteristics of ancient supercontinents and how rifting and tectonics change surface conditions. Eyster comes to EAPS from Harvard where she recently completed her PhD (working with Francis Macdonald) which was focused on Laurentian rocks from the Neoproterozoic Era, using mapping, measured sections and additional field observations coupled with paleomagnetism, carbon isotope chemostratigraphy and geochronology to tease apart connections between tectonics, rifting and climate. 

Eyster holds 2010 Bachelor of Science degrees in Earth Science and Physics from the University of Michigan. She joins the Bergmann Lab, but is excited to forge collaborations with the Bosak and Isotope Labs. 

You can find out more about Eyster’s work and plans in her December 8th COG3 Seminar.

Mary Knapp, who defended her thesis earlier this year, continues, now as a postdoctoral associate in the Seager Group working on radio detection of exoplanet magnetic fields and next generation instrumentation for space-based detection.

You can read more about her work in this 2015 EAPS Scope article

Postdocs who left October 2017
Erik Lawson (Postdoctoral Associate, Solomon Group)