EAPS AGU Presentations 2016

Helen Hill
Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Between talks and posters, researchers from MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences contributed to over one hundred presentations at the 2016 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting this past December.

A11D-0041 Constraining global dry deposition of ozone: observations and modeling
Sam James Silv, Colette L Heald

A11E-0072 The strength of the diabatic circulation of the stratosphere and its relationship with ozone
Marianna LinzRaymond Alan PlumbEdwin P Gerber, Douglas Edward Kinnison, Diane J IvyAlison Ming

A11L-0165 Implications of climate variability for monitoring the effectiveness of global mercury policy
Amanda Giang, Erwan MonierEvan A Couzo, Colin Pike-ThackrayNoelle E Selin

A11L-0168 Effects of Climate Variability on Transpacific Transport of Ozone
Mingwei LiNoelle E SelinEvan A Couzo, Fernando Garcia-Menendez, Tao FengErwan Monier

A11L-0170 Influence of Air Pollutant Emission Controls on the “Climate Penalty” in the United States
Tao FengEvan A Couzo, Noelle E SelinFernando Garcia-Menendez, Erwan Monier

A11L-0175 VOC Reactivity and the Ozone Climate Penalty: Modeled Impacts of Updated Aromatic and Monoterpene Chemistry on the Ozone-temperature Connection
William C Porter, Colette L HealdSarah Safieddine

A11R-07 Role of Large Eddies in the Breakdown of the Reynolds Analogy in the Unstable Atmospheric Surface Layer
Kaighin A Mccoll, Chiel Van Heerwaarden, Gabriel George Katul, Pierre Gentine, Dara Entekhabi

A13E-0315 Heavy Precipitation in Regional Climate Models: Does it Pay to Play Analogue?
Xiang GaoC Adam Schlosser

A13M-02 Differentiation of primary biological aerosol from mineral dust using single particle mass spectrometry
Maria A ZawadowiczKarl D Froyd, Anne Elizabeth Perring, Daniel M Murphy, Ottmar Moehler, Daniel J Cziczo

A22G-08 On the renewed growth of atmospheric methane: implications for the oxidative capacity of the troposphere
Alexander J. Turner, Christian Frankenberg, Paul O Wennberg, Daniel Jacob, Paul B Krummel, Ingeborg Levin, Simon O'Doherty, Ronald G Prinn, Cordelia Veidt, Ray F Weis

A23H-0330 Recent Changes in the Variability and Seasonality of Temperature in the Northern Hemisphere
Katrina L. HuiPaul A O'GormanJohn G Dwyer

A23I-0352 Frequency-dependent behavior of the barotropic and baroclinic modes of zonal jet variability
Aditi SheshadriRaymond Alan Plumb

A23P-02 Optimal Estimation of Sulfuryl Fluoride Emissions on Regional and Global Scales Using Advanced 3D Inverse Modeling and AGAGE Observations
Alicia Gressent, Jens Muhle, Matthew L Rigby, Mark F Lunt, Anita Ganesan, Ronald G Prinn, Paul B Krummel, Paul J. Fraser, Paul Steele, Ray F Weiss, Christina M Harth, Simon O'Doherty, Dickon Young, Sunyoung Park, Shanlan Li, Bo Yao, Stefan Reimann, Martin K Vollmer, Michela Maione, Igor Arduini, Chris R Lunder

A31J-02 Comparing climate policy co-benefits in the United States and China
Noelle E SelinMingwei LiRebecca Saari, Da Zhang, Valerie J Karplus, Chiao-Ting Li, Tammy M Thompson, Kathleen M Mulvaney, Sebastian Rausch

A32F-05 Propagating and Non-propagating Annular Modes and Principal Oscillation Patterns
Raymond Alan PlumbAditi Sheshadri

A41B-0039 Impacts of Different Anthropogenic Aerosol Emission Scenarios on Hydrology in the Mekong Basins and their Effects on Irrigation and Hydropower
Lik-Khian Yeo, Chien Wang

A43I-0377 Response of the North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Climatology to Global Warming: Application of Dynamical Downscaling to CMIP5 Models
Lei Zhang, Kristopher B Karnauskas, Jeffrey P Donnelly, Kerry Emanuel

A41J-06 Source-Specific Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Ireland and UK from New Isotopically Resolved Measurements and Models
Michael J McClellanMatthew L Rigby, Anita Ganesan, Mark F Lunt, Eri Saikawa, Alistair Manning, Shuhei Ono, Ronald G Prinn

A43M-01 A Global Perspective on Reactive Organic Carbon in the Atmosphere
Colette L HealdSarah Safieddine

A43M-06 Wet Deposition Flux of Reactive Organic Carbon
Sarah Safieddine, Colette L Heald

A44E-03 Contributions of Uncertainty in Droplet Nucleation to the Indirect Effect in Global Models
Daniel A RothenbergChien WangAlexander Avramov

A51N-07 Insight into the Global Distribution and Chemical Composition of PM2.5 from the SPARTAN Global Aerosol Network
Crystal Lynn May Weagle, Graydon Snider, Kalaivani Murdymootoo, Amanda Ring, Yvonne Ritchie, Emily Stone, Ainsley Walsh, Clement Akoshile, Nguyen, Xuan Anh, Jeff Brook, Jinlu Dong, Derek Griffith, Kebin He, Brent N Holben, Ralph A Kahn, Nofel Lagrosas, Puji Lestari, Zongwei Ma, Amit Misra, Eduardo Quel, Abdus Salam, Bret A Schichtel, Lior Segey, Sachchida Nand Tripathi, Chien Wang, Chao Yu, Qiang Zhang, Yuxuan Zhang, Michael Brauer, Aaron Cohen, Mark David Gibson, Yang Liu, Jose-Vanderlei Martins, Yinon Rudich, Randall Martin

A51Q-04 Clouds, Circulation, and Climate Sensitivity in a Radiative-Convective Equilibrium Channel Model
Timothy CroninAllison A Wing

A53D-0316 Separation of ice crystals from interstitial aerosol particles using virtual impaction at the Fifth International Ice Nucleation Workshop FIN-3
Michael Roesch, Sarvesh Garimella, Carolin Roesch, Maria A Zawadowicz, Joseph M Katich, Karl D Froyd, Daniel J Cziczo

B31A-0448 Mid-ocean ridge serpentinite in the Puerto Rico Trench: Accretion, alteration, and subduction of Cretaceous seafloor in the Atlantic Ocean
Frieder Klein, Horst Marschall, Samuel A Bowring, Greg Horning

B31A-0458 Metagenomic analysis of carbon cycling and biogenic methane formation in terrestrial serpentinizing fluid springs
Kristin M Woycheese , D'Arcy Renee Meyer-Dombard, Dawn Cardace, Carlo A Arcilla, Shuhei Ono

B31J-02 Key atmospheric elements to evaluate a successful Minamata Convention
Daniel A Jaffe, Noelle E Selin, Amanda Giang

B33A-0580 Microbial Innovation after the GOE
Cara Magnabosco, Kelsey Reed Moore, Joanna M. Wolfe, Gregory P. Fournier

B33J-04 Assessment of SMAP L2/L3 Soil Moisture Products using In Situ Based Core Validation Sites
Andreas Colliander et al. [Dara Enterkhabi]

B43D-02: Fingerprinting Bacterial and Fungal Manganese Oxidation via Stable Oxygen Isotopes of Manganese Oxides
Kevin Michael SutherlandScott D Wankel Colleen M Hansel

B43F-08 An Independent Constraint on Marine Sulfate Levels at the Ediacaran–Cambrian Transition
Clara L Blättler, Kristin BergmannJohn A Higgins

https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm16/meetingapp.cgi/Paper/186301C54A-02: Rise in central west Greenland surface melt unprecedented over the last three centuries (Invited)
Luke D Trusel et al [Matthew Osman]

DI31A-2600 Density and Vs contrasts across mantle transition zone discontinuities beneath the Central Pacific
Chunquan Yu, Elizabeth A Day, Maarten V De Hoop, Michel Campillo, Saskia D B Goes, Rachel A Blythe, Robert D van der Hilst

DI41A-2598 On the Elastic Shear Modulus of Jupiter’s Solid Core
Ming Fang, Xinhao Liao, Bradford H Hager

DI41A-2604 A Test of General Relativity with MESSENGER Mission Data
Antonio Genova, Erwan Mazarico, Sander J Goossens, Frank G Lemoine, Gregory A Neumann, Joseph B Nicholas, David D Rowlands, David E Smith, Maria T Zuber, Sean C Solomon

DI41A-2617 Planetary Dynamics From Laser Altimetry: Spin and Tidal Deformation of the Moon and Mercury
Michael Kenneth Barker, Erwan Mazarico, Gregory A Neumann, David E Smith, Maria T Zuber

DI22A-07 Untangling Slab Dynamics Using 3-D Numerical and Analytical Models
Adam Francis HoltLeigh RoydenThorsten W Becker

ED51H-0848 Linking Immersive Virtual Field Trips with an Adaptive Learning Platform
Geoffrey Bruce et al. [Roger E Summons]

EP32B-05 Formation Mechanisms for Spur and Groove Features on Fringing Reefs
James F Bramante, Andrew D Ashton, J Taylor Perron

EP14B-01 Interplay between tectonics and topography: Topographic stress controls on bedrock fractures and surface processes
Seulgi Moon, J Taylor Perron, Stephen J Martel, W Steven Holbrook, James Taylor St. Clair, Kamini Singha

EP22A-04: Impacts of storm events on salt marsh sediment dynamics
Katherine A CastagnoAlfonso M Jiménez-Robles, Sergio Fagherazzi, Jeffrey P Donnelly

EP33B-0985 Climate and the Pace of Erosional Landscape Evolution
J Taylor Perron

EP51A-0863 Constraints on Passive Margin Escarpment Evolution from River Basin Reorganization in Brazil
Madison DouglasJ Taylor PerronNelson Fernandes, Lucia MARIA DA Silva

EP52A-01 Geometry of channel networks incised by subsurface flow
Daniel Rothman, Yossi CohenOlivier Devauchelle, Hansjoerg F Seybold, Robert Yi

EP54A-07 Thermal evolution of the lithosphere near oceanic hotspots and the subaerial lifespan of volcanic ocean islands
Kimberly Huppert, J Taylor Perron, Leigh Royden

G11A-1063 Quantifying Station Quality from Residual Vertical Motions in the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory GPS Network
Christine Maria Puskas, David A Phillips, Charles M Meertens, Thomas Herring

G11B-1070 Transient Volcano Deformation Event Detection over Variable Spatial Scales in Alaska
Justin D Li, Cody Millard Rude, Michael Gowanlock, Thomas Herring, Victor Pankratius

G13C-03 Interpreting the GNSS Vertical Coordinate Variations
Tonie M van Dam, Jim Ray, Anne F Sheehan, Thomas Herring, Mark H. Murray, Geoffrey Blewitt

G51A-1077 Evaluating Interpolation Methods for Velocity and Strain Rate in the Western United States
Devin Scott Rand, Robert McCaffrey, Maxwell L Rudolph, Robert W King

G52A-06 The Effect of GPS Satellite Antenna Phase Centre Offset Modeling on the ITRF?
Simon McClusky, Achraf Koulali, Paul Tregoning, Michael Moore, Thomas Herring

GC13B-1202 Exploring the direct impacts of particulate matter and surface ozone on global crop production
Luke D Schiferl, Colette L Heald

GC13H-02 Understanding Decreases in Land Relative Humidity with Global Warming: Conceptual Model and GCM Simulations
Michael Byrne, Paul A O'Gorman

GC21E-1140 Assessing the impacts of 1.5°C of global warming – The Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP) approach
Fang Zhao et al [Kerry Emanuel]

GC23H-08 Climate Response Functions for the Arctic Ocean
Jeffery R Scott, John MarshallAndrey Proshutinsky

GC31B-1124 Integrated modeling of land-use change: the role of coupling, interactions and feedbacks between the human and Earth systems
Erwan Monier, David W Kicklighter, Qudsia Ejaz, Niven Winchester, Sergey Paltsev, John M Reilly

GC31F-1169 Probabilistic Estimates of Climate Impacts of the Paris Agreement
Andrei P Sokolov, Sergey Paltsev, Henry Chen, Chris E Forest, Alex G Libardoni, Erwan Monier, Xiang Gao

GC32A-03 Modeling global change impacts on Northern Eurasia
David W Kicklighter, Erwan Monier, Andrei P Sokolov, Qianlai Zhuang, Jerry M Melillo, John M Reilly

GC42C-07 Climate and human intervention effects on future fire activity and consequences for air pollution across the 21st century
Maria Val Martin et al [Colette Heald]

GC51C-1168 The influence of mineral dust particles on the energy output of photovoltaic cells
Carolin Roesch, Elfatih A B Eltahir, Zeyad Al-awwad, Samar Alqatari, Daniel J Cziczo, Michael Roesch

GC53D-1333 Multi-Land Surface Models Sensitivity Study on Ecosystem Responses to Enhanced and Extended Drought Conditions
Liyi Xu, C Adam Schlosser, David W Kicklighter, Benjamin S Felzer, Kyaw Tha Paw U, Kuang-Yu Chang

GP13A-05 Pallasite Paleomagnetism: Quiescence of a Core Dynamo
Claire Isobel O'Bryen Nichols, James Francis Joseph Bryson, Benjamin P Weiss, Julia Herrero-Albillos, Florian Kronast, Francis Nimmo, Richard J Harrison

GP23C-1350 Planning for the Paleomagnetic Investigations of Returned Samples from Mars
David W Beaty et al [Benjamin P Weiss]

GP23C-1351 Evidence favoring an internally generated dynamo in the H chondrite parent planetesimal from the Forest Vale meteorite
Brenna Loree Getzin, James Francis Joseph Bryson, Benjamin P Weiss, Jerome Gattacceca

GP23C-1352 Were Chondrite Parent Bodies Magnetized by the Early Solar Wind?
Rona Oran, Benjamin P Weiss

G21A-0986: Decadal variations in sea level patterns and the recent global mean surface warming slowdown
atrick Heimbach et al [Gael Forget]


H13G-1473 Coupled flow and geomechanics modeling of fracture reactivation and induced seismicity in the Basel geothermal field
Alina Tyukhova, David Castineira, Ruben Juanes

H21A-1376 Risk assessment of tropical cyclone rainfall flooding in the Delaware River Basin
Ping Lu, Ning Lin, James A Smith, Kerry Emanuel

H21D-1442 Vegetation-induced turbulence influencing evapotranspiration-soil moisture coupling: Implications for semiarid regions
Erfan Haghighi, James W Kirchner, Dara Entekhabi

H23D-1569 Phase-field modeling of unstable infiltration coupled with evapotranspiration and stochastic rainfall in heterogeneous field soils
Abdelaziz Beljadid, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes

H23N-03 Fraction of the global water cycle observed by SMAP
Dara Entekhabi, Kaighin A Mccoll, Seyed Hamed Alemohammad, Ruzbeh Akbar, Alexandra G Konings, Simon H Yueh

H23N-07 Monitoring the Phenology of Global Agroecosystems Using SMAP Multi-temporal Vegetation Optical Depth Retrievals
Maria Piles et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H24C-03 Soil Moisture Controls on Evaporative Fraction
Dan Gianotti et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H24C-08 High-Resolution Enhanced Product based on SMAP Active-Passive Approach and Sentinel 1A Radar Data
Narendra Das et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H31G-1473 Verification of Regression-Based Upscaling Technique for Calibration/Validation of Space-Based Soil Moisture Products with Sparse In-Situ Data
ane Whitcomb et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H31G-1474 Global soil moisture dry-down analysis based on SMAP retrievals
Hui Lu et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H31G-1475 Analysis Of SMAP Descending And Ascending Scatterometer Observations And Linkage To Possible Vegetation Moisture Refill
Ruzbeh Akbar, Alexandra G Konings, Dara Entekhabi

H31G-1478 High-Resolution Soil Moisture Retrieval using SMAP-L Band Radiometer and RISAT-C band Radar Data for the Indian Subcontinent
Gurjeet Singh et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H31G-1479 A data-driven and physics-based single-pass retrieval of active-passive microwave covariation and vegetation parameters for the SMAP mission
Thomas Jagdhuber et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H31G-1484 Analysis of active-passive complementarity and its dependence on vegetation and surface roughness from SMAP observations
Jiangyuan Zeng et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H31G-1485 Contributions of Soil Moisture and Vegetation Components to Polarized Emission Based on the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Mission Measurements
Somayeh Talebi et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H31G-1487 Evaluation of SMAP downscaled brightness temperature observations using airborne data in Australia
Nan Ye et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H31I-03 Hotspots of terrestrial biosphere-atmosphere feedbacks
Julia Green et al [Dara Enterkhabi]

H43N-02 Prediction of velocity distribution from pore structure in 3D porous media
Mohammad S KH F SH AlAdwani, Pietro De Anna, Ruben Juanes

H44A-04 Deformation of a 3D granular media caused by fluid invasion
Marie-Julie Dalbe, Ruben Juanes

H44C-04 Modeling multiphase, multicomponent flows at the pore scale: Wetting phenomena and non-equilibrium phase behavior
Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Xiaojing Fu, Ruben Juanes

H51B-1439 Wettability Effects on Fluid-Fluid Displacement in a Capillary Tube
Benzhong Zhao, Amir A Pahlavan, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes

H51C-1473 Impact of Stress on Anomalous Transport in Fractured Rock
Peter Kyungchul Kang, Qinghua Lei, Seunghak Lee, Marco Dentz, Ruben Juanes

H51D-1499 Impact of Motile Bacterial Suspensions on Viscous Fingering and Mixing
Jane Chui, Pietro De Anna, Harold Auradou, Ruben Juanes

H51O-02 Wettability control on multiphase flow in patterned microfluidics
Ruben JuanesBenzhong Zhao, Christopher W MacMinn

H53D-1735 Phase-field models for fluid-driven fractures in elastic and porous media: validation of the model and fracture patterns.
David Santillán, Ruben JuanesLuis Cueto-Felgueroso

H53M-03 Immiscible displacement in a rough fracture: beyond Darcy's law
Amir A Pahlavan, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Gareth H McKinley, Ruben Juanes

H54C-01 Impact of capillarity and wettability on fracturing in granular media
Ruben JuanesMathias Trojer, Pietro De Ann 

OS54A-01 Experiments and Phase-field Modeling of Hydrate Growth at the Interface of Migrating Gas Fingers
Xiaojing Fu, Joaquin Jimenez-Martinez, Mark L Porter, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes

IN13C-1670 Dynamically Deformable Resampled Random Manifolds for High-dimensional, Nonlinear Inference in Geoscience in the presence of Uncertainty
Sai Ravela

IN23B-1774 Computer-Aided Discovery Tools for Volcano Deformation Studies with InSAR and GPS
Victor Pankratius et al [Thomas Herring]

MR34A-05 The Influence of Particles on the Rheological Behavior of Ice
David L Goldsby, Chao Qi, Taunee Anne Werts, Laura A. Stern, William B Durham, Asmin Pathare

Robert Yi, Yossi Cohen, Olivier Devauchelle, Goodwin Gibbins, Hansjoerg F Seybold, Daniel Rothman

NG21B-07 The Role of Surface Water for the Branching Geometry of Mars' Channel Networks
Hansjoerg F Seybold, Daniel Rothman, James W Kirchner

NG33A-1854 Learning-based Wind Estimation using Distant Soundings for Unguided Aerial Delivery
Mitchell Plyler, Kerri Cahoy, Kai Angermueller, Daniel Chen, Natasha Markuzon, Draper Laboratory

NH31A-1897 Assessing a 1500-year record of Atlantic hurricane activity from South Andros Island, the Bahamas, using modeled hurricane climatology
Elizabeth Jane Wallace, Jeffrey P Donnelly, Kerry Emanuel, Charlotte Wiman, Peter J. van Hengstum, Richard Sullivan, Tyler Scott Winkler

OS11A-1775 Atmospheric Transference of the Toxic Burden of Atmosphere-Surface Exchangeable Pollutants to the Great Lakes Region
Judith A Perlinger, Amanda Giang, Huanxin Zhang, Aditya Kumar, Noelle E. Selin, Shiliang Wu

OS24B-03 Melting of the subducted slab and mantle wedge during subduction initiation below the Semail (Oman-UAE) ophiolite
Matthew E Rioux, Joshua M Garber, Micheal P Searle, Sumio Miyashita, Yoshiko Adachi, Samuel A Bowring, Peter B Kelemen, Ann Bauer

OS31B-2025 The Linear Predictability of Sea Level: A Benchmark
Maike SonnewaldCarl WunschPatrick Heimbach

OS31C-2040: Chaotic Advection in the Alboran Sea: Lagrangian Analysis of Transport Processes in and out of the Western Alboran  Gyre
Genevieve BrettIrina Rypina, Lawrence J Pratt

OS51A-2033 What makes Stellwagen Bank a whale feeding ground?
Xuemei Zhai, Glenn Flierl, Pierre F J Lermusiaux, Patrick J Haley, James J McCarthy

OS51C-2060 Dissolved iron in the Kuroshio water of the East China Sea
Kuanbo Zhou, Ruifeng Zhang, Gonzalo G Carrasco, Mengli Chen, Edward A Boyle

P13C-02 HabEx: Finding and characterizing Habitable Exoplanets with a potential future flagship astrophysics mission
Shawn D Domagal-Goldman et al [Sara Seager, Kerri Cahoy]

P13C-07: Systematic Search of the Nearest Stars for Exoplanetary Radio Emission: VLA observations in L and S Bands
Daniel Winterhalter, Mary KnappTim Bastian

P21D-08 Preservation of organic matter on Mars by sulfur
Jennifer L Eigenbrode et al [Roger E Summons]

P51A-2124 Thermal evolution of a partially differentiated H chondrite parent body
Jacob Nunes Henriques Abrahams, James Francis Joseph Bryson, Benjamin P WeissFrancis Nimmo

P51A-2113 Are We Ready to Measure the Expansion of the Solar System?
David E Smith, Maria T ZuberAntonio Genova

P51A-2127 Heterogeneity in the 238U/235U Ratios of Angrites
Francois Tissot, Nicolas Dauphas, Timothy L Grove

P51D-04 Evidence for Surface Ice at the Lunar South Pole from LRO's Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter and Diviner Lunar Radiometer
Elizabeth A Fisher et al [Maria Zuber]

P53A-2177 Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) Data: Lunar Topography and Surface Properties After 7 Years
Gregory A Newmann et al [Maria Zuber]

P53A-2178 Orbit Determination of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter: Status and Recent Development
Erwan Mazarico
 et al [Maria Zuber]

P53A-2179 Implementation of high precision optical and radiometric LRO tracking data in the orbit determination to supplement the baseline S-band tracking
Dandan Mao et al [Maria Zuber]



P53B-2204: Interpreting Atmospheric Circulations of Rocky Exoplanets as Heat Engines
Daniel D.B. KollDorian S Abbot

P53D-02 Paleomagnetic evidence for a partially differentiated H chondrite parent planetesimal
James Francis Joseph Bryson, Benjamin P WeissAndreas Scholl, Brenna Loree Getzin, Jacob Nunes Henriques Abrahams, Francis Nimmo

P54A-01 The Colors of Pluto: Clues to its Geological Evolution and Surface/Atmospheric Interactions
John R Spencer, Alan Stern, Catherine Olkin, William M Grundy, Dale P Cruikshank, Richard P BinzelLeslie Ann Young, Kimberly Ennico Smith, Harold A Weaver

P54A-06 The Interior Structure of Ceres as Revealed by Surface Topography and Gravity
Roger R Fu, Anton Ermakov, Simone Marchi, Julie C Castillo, Carol A Raymond, Bradford H Hager, Maria T Zuber, Scott D King, Maria Cristina De Sanctis, Frank Preusker, Ryan S Park, Christopher T Russell, Michael T Bland

PA11C-1965 Private-sector Support of Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Maria T ZuberMichelle D Christy

P43C-2126 Ceres’ obliquity history: implications for permanently shadowed regions
Anton Ermakov et al [Maria Zuber]

PA14A-02 Valuing and Maintaining Independent Research with Private Sector Funding
Ronald G Prinn


PP41C-2260 The Role of Arctic Sea Ice in Last Millennium Climate Variability: Model-Proxy Comparisons Using Ensemble Members and Novel Model Experiments.
Charles Garrison Gertler, Erwan Monier, Ronald G Prinn

PP11B-2024 Variations in Textural Banding of Oӧids Across the Johnnie Oӧlite: Valuable Petrographic Indicators of Depositional Conditions or Vestiges of Diagenetic Activity?
Dane Andrew Zielinski, Maria Prokopenko, Robert Riepma Gaines, Frank A Corsetti, Kristin Bergmann

PP21B-2283 Enhanced tropical storm activity during the African Humid Period induced by Sahara greening and reduced dust emission
Francesco S.R. Pausata et al [Kerry Emanuel]

PP22B-07 Low-latitude arc–continent collision as a driver for global cooling
Oliver E Jagoutz, Leigh Royden, Francis A Macdonald

PP21C-2292 Variability of North African hydroclimate during the last two climatic cycles: New insights from dust flux and provenance
Charlotte Skonieczny, David McGee, Aloys J-M Bory, Gisela Winckler, Louisa Bradtmiller, Viviane Bout-Roumazeilles, Jeffrey Perala-Dewey, Marion Delattre, Christopher William KinsleyPratigya J Polissar, Bruno Malaizé

PP24A-02 Potential decoupling between the regional monsoon intensity and local moisture conditions during the last millennium in central Brazil
Barbara Elaine Wortham et al [David McGee]

PP24A-04 Initial Results from the Deep Drilling of Lake Junin, Perú
Donald T Rodbell et al [David McGee, Christine Chen]

PP31A-2250 The Dynamics of Stepwise Oxygenations and Corresponding Carbon Isotopic Fluctuations
Haitao ShangDaniel Rothman

PP31A-2260 High-precision Temporal Calibration of the Early Cambrian Biotic and Paleoenvironmental Records: New U-Pb Geochronology from Eastern Yunnan, China
Kaori Tsukui, Jahandar Ramezani, Maoyan Zhu, Adam C Maloof, Susannah Porter, John Moore, Michael Patterson Eddy, Samuel A Bowring

PP41A-2232 A Continuous Flow Diffusion Chamber Study of Sea Salt Particles Acting as Cloud Seeds: Deliquescence, Ice Nucleation and Sublimation
Martin Johann Wolf, Xiangrui Kong, Sarvesh Garimella, Michael Roesch, Daniel J Cziczo

PP41B-2249 Glacial Inception in Northeast Canada: The Role of Insolation, Meteorology, and Topography
Leah Birch, Timothy CroninEli Tziperman

PP41C-2260 The Role of Arctic Sea Ice in Last Millennium Climate Variability: Model-Proxy Comparisons Using Ensemble Members and Novel Model Experiments.
Charles Garrison Gertler, Erwan Monier, Ronald G Prinn

S14A-03 Joint tomographic inversion of surface wave and body wave data: shear wavespeed and Vp/Vs ratios in the mantle beneath the Continental US
Eva Marie Golos et al [Robert van der Hilst]

S21B-2730 The effect of roughness on the nucleation and propagation of shear rupture on small faults
Yuval Tal, Bradford H Hager

S31B-2742 Source mechanism inversion and ground motion modeling of induced earthquakes in Kuwait -- A Bayesian approach
Chen Gu, M. Nafi Toksoz, Youssef Marzouk, Abdullah Al-Enezi, Farah Al-Jeri, Oral Buyukozturk

S43D-05 Coupled Flow and Geomechanics Modeling of Slow Earthquakes: Application to Slow Slip Events (SSE) in the Guerrero Gap, Mexico
Josimar Alves da Silva Junior, William Frank, David Castineira, Birendra Jha, Ruben Juanes

S53C-03 Noise-Based Seismic Measurements of Tidal-Induced Velocity Changes from Large-N Arrays at the Piton de la Fournaise Volcano
Shujuan Mao, Michel Campillo, Robert D van der Hilst, Florent Brenguier, Laurent Stehly, Gregor Hillers

SM51A-2463 Using the Galileo Solid State Imager as a Sensor of Jovian Energetic Electrons
Ashley Carlton et al [Kerri Cahoy]

T11B-2607 Cratonic modification and subsequent asthenospheric interaction: Evidence from absolute P-wave tomography
Alistair Boyce et al [Eva Marie Golos, Robert van der Hilst]

T33A-3014 Modeling Major and Trace Element Magma Compositions at Slow and Ultra-Slow Spreading Mid-Ocean Ridges: Implications for Melting in the Garnet Field
Stephanie M Brown, Mark D Behn, Alison M Shaw, Timothy L Grove

T44C-02: Seismic coupling at divergent plate boundaries from rate-and-state friction models
Hannah Friendly MarkMark D Behn, Jean-Arthur L Olive, Yajing Liu

T51B-2915 Pore pressure control on faulting behavior in a block-gouge system
Zhibing Yang, Ruben Juanes


T52A-03 Inferring Crustal Viscosity Structure from Seismic Velocity Data
William Joseph Shinevar, Mark D Behn, Greg Hirth, Oliver E Jagoutz

T54B-02 Inverse Problem for 3D coupled Flow-Geomechanics Models and Induced Seismicity: Application to Subsurface Characterization and Seismicity Forecasting in Geologic CO2 Storage
David Castineira
Birendra Jha, Ruben Juanes

U12A-03 Global Terrestrial Water Cycle Mapping and Science Results from the NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Satellite Mission 
Dara EntekhabiSimon H Yueh, Peggy E O'Neill, Jared Keith Entin, Tung-Han You

U13A-02 Confronting Future Risks of Global Water Stress and Sustainability: Avoided Changes Versus Adaptive Actions
C Adam Schlosser, Kenneth M Strzepek, Xiang Gao, Charles Fant, Sergey Paltsev, Erwan Monier, Andrei P Sokolov, Niven Winchester, Henry Chen, David W Kicklighter, Qudsia Ejaz

V11D-05 Paleomagnetism of Hadean and Archean Detrital Zircons from the Jack Hills, Western Australia
Benjamin P Weiss et al [Eduardo A Lima, Roger R Fu]

V24B-04 Experimental Determinations of the Fate of Subduction Zone Fluids and Melts at the Base of the Mantle Wedge Highlight the Similarity of First Melts of Vapor-Saturated Lherzolite and Slab Eclogite
Timothy L GroveChristy B. Till

V24B-08 The Global Array of Primitive Arc Melts: the Nature of the Slab Component and its Heterogeneous Addition to the Mantle Wedge
Max W Schmidt, Oliver E Jagoutz

V51B-01 Are arc lower crustal metasediments derived from above or below? A detrital zircon study in the lower crust of the Sierra Nevada, California
Benjamin Z Klein, Oliver E JagoutzJill A VanTongeren

V52A-08 Erosion of volcanic ocean islands: insights from modeling, topographic analyses, and cosmogenic exposure dating
Kimberly Huppert, J Taylor PerronKen Ferrier, Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, Matt Rosener, Madison Douglas

Story image: Stephanie Brown talks about her poster with and Billly Shinevar at an AGU poster session - image courtesy: A Bauer


2016 AGU Fall Meeting


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