Congratulations to EAPS Class of 2017

EAPS Education Office
Thursday, June 8, 2017

Degrees awarded during the 2016/2017 academic year. Degrees are conferred in September, February and June.

Doctoral Degrees

September 2016

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Alice E. Alpert* Paleoceanography Anne Cohen, Glenn Gaetani, Delia Oppo Little Ice Age Climate in the Western Tropical Atlantic Inferred from Coral Geochemical Proxies
Daniel E. Amrhein* Physical Oceanography

Carl Wunsch

Inferring Ocean Circulation During the Last Glacial Maximum and Last Deglaciation Using Data and Models
Hannah C. Barkley* Oceanography Anne Cohen A Scientific Framework for Evaluationg Coral Reef Resilience to Climate Change
Deepak A. Cherian* Physical Oceanography Kenneth Brink When an Eddy Encounters Shelf-Slope Topography
Sarvesh Garimella Climate Physics and Chemistry Daniel Cziczo A Vertically-Integrated Approach to Climate Science: From Measurements and Machine Learning to Models and Policy
Chen Gu Geophysics Brian Evans & Nafi Toksoz Ground Motions and Source Mechanisms of Earthquakes in Multiscales - Microseismicity to Macoseismicity
Jareth I. Holt Climate Physics and Chemistry Susan Solomon & Noelle Selin Sensitivity of Inorganic Aerosol Impacts to US Precursor Emissions
Niraj K. Inamdar Planetary Science Hilke Schlichting & Sara Seager The Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems
Keisuke Inomura Climate Physics and Chemistry Michael Follows Development of a Cell Flux Model and its Application to Nitrogen Fixers
Colin M. Pike-Thackray Atmospheric Chemistry Noelle Selin An Uncertainty-Focused Approach to Modeling the Atmospheric Chemistry of Persistent Organic Pollutants
Shaojie Song Atmospheric Chemistry Noelle Selin Quantifying Mercury Surface Fluxes by Combining Atmospheric Observations and Models
Ross H. Williams Geochemistry Roger Summons Paleoenvironment Reconstruction in Extreme Climates Using Organic Geochemical Investigations

February 2017

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Alec S. Bogdanoff* Physical Oceanography J. Thomas Farrar & Carol Ann Clayson Physics of Diurnal Warm Layers: Turbulence, Internal Waves, and Lateral Mixing
Sophie N. Chu* Chemical Oceanography Zhauhui Aleck Wang Capturing Dynamics of Marine Inorganic Carbon Fluxes From Diurnal to Decadal Timescales
James R. Collins* Chemical Oceanography Benjamin Van Mooy The Remineralization of Marine Organic Matter by Diverse Biological and Abiotic Processes
Thomas M. DeCarlo* Marine Geology Anne Cohen Coral Biomineralization, Climate Proxies and the Sensitivity of Coral Reefs to CO2-Driven Climate Change
Michael P. Eddy Geology Oliver Jagoutz High-Resolution Temporal Records of Magmatism, Sedimentation, and Faulting at Evolving Plate Boundaries
Anton Ermakov Planetary Sciences Maria Zuber Geophysical Investigation of Vesta, Ceres and the Moon Using Gravity and Topography Data
Emily R. Estes* Chemical Oceanography Colleen Hansel Geochemical Controls on the Distribution and Composition of Biogenic and Sedimentary Carbon
Nicholas J. Hawco* Chemical Oceanography Mak Saito The Cobalt Cycle in the Tropical Pacific Ocean
Jordon D. Hemingway* Geochemistry Valier V. Galy Understanding Terrestrial Organic Carbon Export: A Time-Series Approach
Gregory W. Horning* Marine Geophysics Juan Pablo Canales Geophysical and Geochemical Constraints on the Evolution of Oceanic Lithosphere From Formation to Subductions
Evan M. Howard* Chemical Oceanography Rachel Stanley & Scott Wankel Ecosystem Metabolism in Salt Marsh Tidal Creeks and Ponds: Applying Triple Oxygen Isotopes and Other Gas Tracers to Novel Environments
Kimberly L. Huppert Geology J. Taylor Perron Climatic and Geodynamic Influences on Ocean Island Geomorphology
Winifred M. Johnson* Chemical Oceanography Elizabeth Kujawinski Linking Microbial Metabolism and Organic Matter Cycling Through Metabolite Distributions in the Ocean
Isabela A. Le Bras* Physical Oceanography John M. Toole Dynamics of North Atlantic Western Boundary Currents
Cara C. M. Manning* Chemical Oceanography Rachel Stanley & David Nicholson Insight into Chemical, Biological, and Physcal Processes in Coastal Waters from Dissolved Oxygen and Inert Gas Tracers
Kelly A. Ogden* Physical Oceanography Karl Helfrich Internal Hydraulic Jumps with Upstream Shear
Sarah Z. Rosengard* Chemical Oceanography Valier Galy & Phoebe Lam Novel Analytical Strategies for Tracing the Organic Carbon Cycle in Marine and Riverine Particles
Daniel A. Rothenberg Atmospheric Science Chien Wang Fundamental Aerosol-Cloud Interactions and their Influence on the Aerosol Indirect Effect on Climate
ZhenLiang Tian Planetary Sciences Maria Zuber A Dynamo Case Study of Mercury, and the Early Orbital and Thermal Evolution of the Moon
Lucas A. Willemsen Geophysics Alison Malcolm Problems with a Localized Nature in Exploration Seismology
Ning Zhao* Marine Geology Lloyd Keigwin

Reconstructing Deglacial Ocean Ventilation Using Radiocarbon: Data and Inverse Modeling

June 2017

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Martina Coccia Geophysics Thomas Herring Processing Strategies Optimization and Error Mitigation of Geodetic Measurements
Guy N. Evans* Marine Geology Margaret Tivey Trace Element Proxies and Mineral Indicators of Hydrothermal Fluid Composition and Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposit Formation Processes
Emily K. Sarafian* Marine Geophysics Rob Evans & Glenn Gaetani Geophysical and Petrological Constraints on Ocean Plate Dynamics
David T. Wang* Geochemistry Shuhei Ono The Geochemistry of Methane Isotopologues
Emily Zakem Climate Physics and Chemistry Mick Follows Linking Microbes and Climate: Insights into the Marine Oxygen and Nitrogen Cycles with Microbial Metabolic Functional Types

Masters Degrees

September 2016

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Saleh M. Al Nasser Earth and Planetary Sciences Dale Morgan A Comparison of Electric and Hydraulic Approaches to Fluid Flow Simulation and Hydraulic Parameters Inversion
Jared W. G. Atkinson

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Sara Seager Cryogenic Deformation of Two Comet and Asteroid Analogs Under Varying Conditions of Saturation

February 2017

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Marwah AL Ismail Earth and Planetary Sciences Dale Morgan On the Relationship between Compressional Wave Velocity of Saturated Porous Rocks and Density: Theory and Application

June 2017

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Lubna K. AlBarghouty Geophysics Dale Morgan On Relative Permeability: A New Approach to Two-phase Fluid Flow in Porous Media
Ali F. Aljishi Earth and Planetary Sciences Michael Fehler Detection and Identification of Converted Modes and Source Independent Converted Phase Imaging: Groningen, The Netherlands

Bachelors Degrees

February 2017

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title
Libby P. Koolik Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences Daniel Cziczo Characterization of a 3D Printed Pumped Counterflow Virtual Impactor and an Aerodynamic Lens Concentrator

June 2017

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title
Costa D. Christopoulos Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Daniel Cziczo A Machine-Learning Approach to Aerosol Classification for Single-Particle Mass Spectrometry
Brynna G. Downey Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Jack Wisdom Finding the Location of Planet Nine
Ishara Nisley Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Amanda Bosh and Elisabeth Newton Transit Timing Variations of the Exoplanet K2-25b
Warittha Panasawatwong Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Paul O'Gorman Estimating Climate Sensitivity Using Lower-Troposphere Temperature Response to Volcanic Aerosols
Elizabeth N. Rider Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Noelle Selin Return Levels of Extreme Ozone Events in Urban Areas of the Northeast United States
Madonna K. Yoder Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Taylor Perron Lower Charles River Bathymetry: 108 Years of Fresh Water

* jointly by MIT-WHOI

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