On the Road with Pluto

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Prof. Rick Binzel brings Pluto to NOCA alumni and friends.

Visiting Committee member Fred Middleton ’71 generously hosted a “Pluto Revealed” reception at the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park, CA in late December, attended by around 90 NOCA alumni and friends.

Attendees in the packed auditorium eagerly donned 3D glasses to get a glimpse of Professor Richard P. Binzel’s stunning images of the dwarf planet, as Rick fielded questions from audience members ranging from 8 to over 90 years old, was aided by EAPS alumna Dr. Catherine B. Olkin '88, PhD '96, Deputy Project Scientist of the NASA New Horizons Mission, who took time out from the AGU conference to join us.

The late Professor Jim Elliot’s contributions to our understanding of Pluto and its atmosphere were remembered, and Department Head Rob van der Hilst took the opportunity to thank Cathy and Terry Olkin ‘88 publicly for kicking off fundraising efforts for the James L. Elliot 1965 Graduate Student Support Fund - which will be the first fellowship for planetary sciences students in EAPS.

If you would like to help MIT and EAPS train the very best planetary sciences students, please consider a contribution to the Elliot fund (#3297565): http://bit.ly/eaps-giving (Gifts of $1,000+ will be matched, thanks to the generosity of the Olkins!)

Story image: "Glasses on!" - image credit: Vicki McKenna


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