EAPS AGU Presentations 2015

Helen Hill
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Between talks and posters, researchers from MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences contributed to over one hundred presentations at the 2015 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting this past December.

A11I-0178 Inferring global and regional methane sources and sinks using isotopic observations and atmospheric chemical transport models Matthew L Rigby, Angelina Wenger, Simon O'Doherty, Mark F Lunt, Anita Ganesan, Alistair Manning and Ronald G Prinn

B11A-0405 Measurements of Background and Polluted Air in Rural Regions of Rwanda Langley DeWitt, Jimmy GasoreRonald G PrinnKatherine E Potter and Rwanda Climate Observatory Technical Experts

A11C-0087 Perfluorocarboxylic acid (PFCA) atmospheric formation and transport to the Arctic Colin Pike-thackray and Noelle E Selin

T11D-2914 Seismic Tomography of the Continental United States from a Joint Inversion of Surface Waves and Body Waves Eva Marie Golos, Huajian Yao, Haijiang Zhang, Hongjian Fang, Scott Burdick, Andrew J Schaeffer, Frank Vernon Sergei Lebedev and Robert D van der Hilst

GC11E-1069 Speleothem isotopic evidence for rapid human-induced expansion of grasslands in Madagascar at 890 CE Stephen J Burns, Laurie Godfrey, Peterson Faina, David McGee, Benjamin F Hardt, Lovasoa Ranivoharimanana and Jeannot Randrianasy

A11M-0228 Air quality co-benefits and costs under state, regional, or national cooperation to regulate CO2 from existing power plants Rebecca Saari and Noelle E Selin

S11A-2736 A Catalogue of Source Parameters of Moderate and Strong Earthquakes for Turkey and its Surrounding Area (1938-2015) Dogan Kalafat and M. Nafi Toksoz

B11A-0409 First Continuous High Frequency in Situ Measurements of CO2 and CH4 in Rwanda Using Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy Jimmy Gasore

A11I-0183 Measurement and Modeling of Site-specific Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric Nitrous Oxide at Mace Head, Ireland Michael J McClellan, Eri Saikawa, Ronald G Prinn and Shuhei Ono

A11Q-02 The Fifth International Ice Nucleation Workshop Activities FIN-1 and FIN-2: Overview and Selected Results Ottmar Moehler, Daniel J Cziczo, Paul J DeMott, Naruki Hiranuma, Markus D Petters and FIN team

T11F-03 Three-Dimensional Vp and Vs Models of Continental China From Joint Inversion of Body Wave, Surface Wave, and Gravity Data Robert D van der Hilst, Haijiang Zhang, Monica Maceira, Fei Chen, Weisen Shen, Hongjian Fang and Huajian Yao

S11C-05 Source Mechanism, Stress Triggering, and Hazard Analysis of Induced Seismicity in Oil/Gas Fields in Oman and Kuwait Chen Gu, M. Nafi Toksoz, Min Ding, Abdullah Al-Enezi and Farah Al-Jeri

C12A Glacier-Ocean Interactions: Observations, Mechanisms, and Synthesis II Ellyn M Enderlin, Patrick Heimbach, Eric J Rignot, Bernd Kulessa, Ellyn M Enderlin, Dave Sutherland and Ellyn M Enderlin

A12C-03 Advances in Understanding the Role of Aerosols on Ice Clouds from the Fifth International Ice Nucleation (FIN) Workshops Daniel J Cziczo, Ottmar Moehler, Paul J DeMott,  and The Fifth international Ice Nucleation (FIN) Workshop Team.

A12C-05 Ice nucleation by plant structural materials and its potential contribution to glaciation in clouds Naruki Hiranuma, Corinna Hoose, Emma Järvinen, Alexei A Kiselev, Ottmar Moehler, Martin Schnaiter, Romy Ullrich, Daniel J Cziczo, Laura Felgitsch, Kulkarni Gourihar, Hinrich Grothe, Naama Reicher, Yinon Rudich, Yutaka Tobo and Maria A Zawadowicz

H13O-01 Earth System Stability Through Geologic Time Daniel Rothman and Samuel A Bowring

T13H-01 Strong Scaling and a Scarcity of Small Earthquakes Point to an Important Role for Thermal Runaway in Intermediate-Depth Earthquake Mechanics Sarah A Barrett, German A Prieto and Gregory C Beroza

A13H-01 Convective Aggregation, Climate Sensitivity, and the Importance of Radiation Physics in Weather and Climate Kerry Emanuel

C13E Glacier-Ocean Interactions: Observations, Mechanisms, and Synthesis III Ellyn M Enderlin, Patrick Heimbach, Eric J Rignot, Bernd Kulessa, and Twila A Moon,

A13B-0327 Biases in field measurements of ice nuclei concentrations Sarvesh Garimella, Jens Voigtländer, Gourihar Kulkarni, Frank Stratmann and Daniel J Cziczo

A13D-0376 The Air Quality and Economic Impact of Atmospheric Lead from General Aviation Aircraft in the United States Philip James Wolfe, Noelle E Selin and Steven R H Barrett

DI13B-2651 Slab Geometry and Deformation in the Northern Nazca Subduction Zone Inferred From The Relocation and Focal mechanisms of Intermediate-Depth Earthquakes Ying Chang, Linda M Warren, and German A Prieto

T14A-03 Constraints on Crustal Structures, Residual Topography, and Isostasy in the Western US from Virtual Deep Seismic Sounding (VDSS) Chunquan Yu, Robert D van der Hilst, and Wang-Ping Chen

OS14A-03 Investigating the Impact of Past and Future CO2 Emissions on the Distribution of Radiocarbon in the Ocean Samar Khatiwala, Sarah Payne, Heather D Graven and Patrick Heimbach

S14B-06 Static and dynamic parameters of deep earthquakes from global seismic data Piero Poli and German A Prieto

GC21C-1110 Characterizing Hurricane Tracks Using Multiple Statistical Metrics Katrina L. Hui, Kerry Emanuel and Sai Ravela

B21C-0452 Molecular evidence for a microbial role in ooid formation and preservation of molecular biosignatures in ancient oolite Shane S O'Reilly, Amelia Winter, Sharon A Newman, Sara B Pruss, Giulio Mariotti, Tanja Bosak, Vanja Klepac-Ceraj, Frank Patrick McDermott and Roger E Summons

P21A-2068 Tides in the Martian Atmosphere as Observed by MAVEN IUVS Daniel Lo, Roger V Yelle, Nicholas McCord Schneider, Sonal Jain, Ian F Stewart, Scott England, Justin Deighan, Arnaud Stiepen, Joseph Scott Evans, Michael H Stevens, Michael Chaffin, Matteo Michael James Crismani, William E McClintock, John T Clarke, Gregory M Holsclaw, Franck Lefèvre and Bruce Martin Jakosky

MR21B-2618 Stress Localization and Kinking as a Potential Source of Rheological Weakening in the High-Stress Deformation of Polycrystalline Ice Meike Seidemann, David John Prior, Narayana Golding, William B Durham and Matthew James Vaughan

H21E-1411 Reservoir Characterization in an Underground Gas Storage Field Using Joint Inversion of Flow and Geodetic Data Birendra Jha, Francesca Bottazzi, Rafal Wojcik, Martina Coccia, Noah Bechor, Dennis McLaughlin, Thomas Herring, Bradford H Hager, Stefano Mantica and Ruben Juanes

C21A Glacier-Ocean Interactions: Observations, Mechanisms, and Synthesis IV Posters Ellyn M Enderlin, Patrick Heimbach, Eric J Rignot, Bernd Kulessa, Twila A Moon, and Helen A Fricker

H21H-1497 Spatial and Temporal Patterns of SMAP Brightness Temperatures for Use in Level 1 TB Characterization Edward J Kim

B21M-03 The full budget of greenhouse gases in the terrestrial biosphere: From global C project to global GHG project Hanqin Tian, Chaoqun Lu, Philippe Ciais, Anna M Michalak, Josep Canadell, Eri Saikawa, Deborah N Huntzinger, Kevin R Gurney, Stephen Sitch, Bowen Zhang, Jia Yang, Philippe Bousquet, Lori Bruhwiler, Guangsheng Chen, Edward J Dlugokencky, Pierre Friedlingstein, Jerry M Melillo, Shufen Pan, Benjamin Poulter, Ronald G Prinn, Marielle Saunois, Christopher Schwalm and Steven C Wofsy

C22B-05 Monitoring South-West Greenland’s ice sheet melt with ambient seismic noise Aurélien Mordret, Thomas Dylan Mikesell, Christopher Harig, Brad Lipovsky and German A Prieto

GP23B-1308 Do Jack Hills Detrital Zircons Contain Records of the Early Geodynamo? Benjamin P Weiss, Adam C Maloof, Nicholas D Tailby, Jahandar Ramezani, Roger R Fu, David R. Glenn, Pauli Kehayias, Ronald L Walsworth, Veronica Hanus, Dustin Trail, E Bruce Watson, T. Mark Harrison, Samuel A Bowring, Joseph L Kirschvink1, Nicholas Swanson-Hysell, Robert S Coe, Joshua Franz Einsle and Richard J Harrison

S23B-2704 Multiparameter seismic full waveform inversion in fractured media: anisotropic parameter estimation and cross-talk suppression Wenyong Pan, Kristopher A Innanen, Gary F Margrave, Mike Fehler, Xinding Fang and Junxiao Li

PP23C-2317 Investigation into MIS 11 in the U.S. Great Basin Using Trace Elements and Stable Isotopes from two Lehman Caves Stalagmites Ashling Neary, David McGee, Irit Tal and Jeremy D Shakun

NG23B-1785 Seepage Bifurcation as a Critical Process Robert Yi and Daniel Rothman

NG23B-1781 Rewinding the History of Growth of Stream Networks Fed by Groundwater Eric Stansifer, Olivier Devauchelle and Daniel Rothman

P23D-02 The Global Scale Relaxation State of Ceres Roger R Fu, Anton Ermakov, Maria T Zuber and Bradford H Hager

GC24C-02 On the Cause of the Great North Atlantic Hurricane Drought of the Late 20th Century Kerry Emanuel

B24A-07 High-resolution (SIMS) versus bulk sulfur isotope patterns of pyrite in Proterozoic microbialites with diverse mat textures Maya L Gomes, David A Fike, Kristin Bergmann, and Andrew H Knoll,

A31B-0040 Evaluating Observational Constraints on N2O Emissions via Information Content Analysis Using GEOS-Chem and its Adjoint Kelley C Wells, Dylan B Millet, Nicolas Bousserez, Daven K Henze, Sreelekha Chaliyakunnel, Timothy J Griffis, Edward J Dlugokencky, Ronald G Prinn, Simon O'Doherty, Ray F Weiss, Geoff Dutton, James W Elkins, Paul B Krummel, Ray L Langenfelds and Paul Steele,

NS31A-1940 3D magnetotelluric inversion system with static shift correction and theoretical assessment in oil and gas exploration Zhang Kun, Hao Dong and Letian Zhang

V31D-3048 Melting Systematics in Mid-ocean Ridge Basalts and Implications for Global CO2 Fluxes Mark D Behn, Timothy L Grove, V. Dorsey Wanless,

PP31A-2207 Historical droughts in northern Vietnam captured by variability in speleothem δ18O Benjamin F Hardt, David McGee, Stephen J Burns, Nguyen Hieu and Do Trung Hieu

V31A-3007 Newberry Volcano (Oregon, USA) Revised Julie M Donnelly-Nolan and Timothy L Grove

P31A-2042 Rapid and direct screening of H:C ratio in Archean kerogen via microRaman Spectroscopy Nicola Ferralis, Emily D Matys, Abigail Allwood, Andrew H Knoll and Roger E Summons

P31A-2026 Preservation of Lipid Biomarkers Under Prolonged and Extreme Hyperaridity in Atacama Desert Soils Mary Beth Wilhelm, Alfonso F Davila, Jennifer L Eigenbrode, Mary Nichole Parenteau, Linda L Jahnke, Roger E Summons, Xiaolei Liu, James J Wray, Brian Stamos, Shane S O'Reilly and Amy J Williams

MR31A-02 Localisation of shear in ice by recrystallisation on kinks and grain boundary networks: new EBSD data in old experiments David John Prior, Narayana Golding, William B Durham, Meike Seidemann, Sabrina Diebold and Johannes H P De Bresser

NH31D-03 Past, Present, and Future Threat of Tropical Cyclones and Coastal Flooding in New York City Andra Jenn Reed, Michael E Mann, Kerry Emanuel, Ning Lin, Ben Horton, Andrew Kemp, Richard B Alley, Robert E Kopp, David Pollard and Jeffrey P Donnelly

NH31D-04 Shallow Landslides Hazards in a Changing Climate Dino G. Bellugi, J Taylor Perron, Paul A O'Gorman and David Milledge

P31F-08 Evidence of refractory organic matter preserved in the mudstones of Yellowknife Bay and the Murray Formations Jennifer L Eigenbrode, Andrew Steele, Roger E Summons, Brad Sutter, Amy McAdam, Heather B. Franz, Paul R Mahaffy, Pamela Gales Conrad, Caroline Freissinet, Daniel Patrick Glavin, Maeva Millan and Douglas W Ming

GP33A-01 Timing of Solar Nebula Dispersal Constrained by Early Solar System Paleomagnetism Huapei Wang, Benjamin P Weiss, Brynna G Downey, Xue-Ning Bai, Jun Wang, Jiajun Wang, Clement R Suavet, Roger R Fu, Eduardo A. Lima and Maria E Zucolotto

PP33A-2276 Pleistocene Permafrost Thawing History of Alaska, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories from U-Th Dating of Cave Speleothems Nicole Biller, Jeremy D Shakun, David McGee, Benjamin F Hardt, Derek Ford and Bernard Lauriol

NG33A-1852 Low Order Uncertainty Dynamics in Ocean State Estimation: Reduced Hessian Method for Constraining Barotropic Drake Passage Transport Alexander Kalmikov, Patrick Heimbach, and Carl I Wunsch

B33B-0664 Exploring ancient microbial community assemblages by creating complex lipid biomarker profiles for stromatolites and microbial mats in Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay, Australia Elise Myers, Roger E Summons, Florence Schubotz and Emily D Matys

G33B-1141 Completion of the Boundary Element Method in a Self-Gravitating Elastic Half-Space, with Application to Gravity Gradient Observations Ming Fang and Bradford H Hager

G33A-1124 Ice Accumulation and the Apparent Seasonal Variation of GPS Stations in Alaska Kelly Kochanski and Thomas Herring

T33C-2946 Long-term deformation of the Lesser Antilles arc recorded by Late Pleistocene carbonate platforms: questioning our present knowledge of the megathrust seismic behavior Nathalie Feuillet, Frédérique Leclerc, Jennifer Weil Accardo, Guy Cabioch, Sara Bazin, Francois Beauducel, Georges Boudon, Christine Deplus, Pierre Deschamps, Lyvanne De Min, Eric Jacques, Lebrun Jean-Frederic, Anne Le Friant, David Mélézan, Anne-Sophie B Meriaux, Marie Perret, J Taylor Perron, Belle Philibosian and Jean-Marie Marie Saurel

T33A-2931 Late Cretaceous-Early Eocene Climate Change Linked to Tectonic Eevolution of Neo-Tethyan Subduction Systems Oliver E Jagoutz, Leigh Royden and Francis A Macdonald

EP33D-02 Three-dimensional topographic stress controls on bedrock fractures and landscape evolution Seulgi Moon, J Taylor Perron, Stephen J Martel, W Steven Holbrook, James Taylor St. Clair and Kamini Singha

EP33D-03 Weathering, Fractures and Water in the deep Critical Zone: Geophysical investigations in the U.S. Critical Zone Observatories W Steven Holbrook, Bradley Carr, Seulgi Moon, J Taylor Perron, Jorden L Hayes, Brady A Flinchum, James Taylor St. Clair, Clifford S Riebe, Daniel Richter Jr and Jordan Leone

PP33D-06 Mapping South American Summer Monsoon Changes during Heinrich Event 1 and the LGM: Insights from New Paleolake Records from the Central Andes Christine Y. Chen, David McGee and Jay Quade

PP33E-08 Primary Ediacaran Ooid Formation Texture Changes as an Indicator of Shifts in Local Shallow-Sea Chemistry: Exploring Diagenetic Effects on Preservation of Carbonate Associated Nitrate in the Johnnie Formation, Death Valley, California Dane Andrew Zielinski, Maria G Prokopenko, Kristin Bergmann, Robert Riepma Gaines and Frank A Corsetti

U34A-03 What Do We Need To Do To Improve Our Understanding of How Volcanoes Affect Stratospheric Ozone? Susan Solomon

PP34A-03 The Asian monsoon’s role in atmospheric heat transport responses to orbital and millennial-scale climate change David McGee, Brian Green, Aaron Donohoe and John Marshall

P34A-06 High-resolution gravity field modeling using GRAIL mission data Frank G Lemoine, Sander J Goossens, Terence J Sabaka, Joseph B Nicholas, Erwan Mazarico, David D Rowlands, Gregory A Neumann, Bryant Loomis, Douglas S Chinn, David E Smith and Maria T Zuber

P34A-07 Mars Gravity Field and Upper Atmosphere from MGS, Mars Odyssey, and MRO Antonio Genova, Sander J Goossens, Frank G Lemoine, Erwan Mazarico, Gregory A Neumann, David E Smith and Maria T Zuber

V34A-07 Prograde Metamorphism recorded in Antarctic Granulite Horst Marschall, Jim Pauly, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Brian Monteleone and Hans-Peter Meyer

P34A-09 Laser Ranging in Solar System: Technology Developments and New Science Measurement Capabilities Xiaoli Sun, David E Smith, Maria T Zuber, Jan Mcgarry, Gregory A Neumann and Erwan Mazarico

G41B-01 A high-resolution spherical harmonic degree 1500 lunar gravity field from the GRAIL mission Ryan S Park, Alex S Konopliv, Dah-Ning Yuan, Sami Asmar, Michael M Watkins, James Williams, David E Smith and Maria T Zuber

A41J-0214 Clausius-Clapeyron Scaling of Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) in Cloud-Resolving Simulations Jacob Seeley and David M Romps

EP41A-0898 Climatic and tectonic influences on ocean island erosion inferred from a global dataset Kimberly Huppert, J Taylor Perron and Madison Douglas

P41C-2077 High-resolution gravity models for Mercury from MESSENGER tracking data Sander J Goossens, Erwan Mazarico, Antonio Genova, Frank G Lemoine, Gregory A Neumann, Maria T Zuber, David E Smith and Sean C Solomon

P41C-2080 Planetary dynamics from laser altimetry: Spin and tidal deformation of the Moon and Mercury Michael Kenneth Barker, Erwan Mazarico, David E Smith and Maria T Zuber

EP41D-02 Bedform Disequilibria in Unidirectional and Oscillatory Flows Paul Myrow, Douglas J Jerolmack and J Taylor Perron

NH41E-05 Cooperative Autonomous Observation of Volcanic Environments with sUAS Sai Ravela

P41F-08 Thermochemical Evolution of Mercury’s Lower Mantle Linked to Early Volcanism Alexander J EvansStephanie M Brown, Bernard Charlier, Timothy L Grove, Peter B. James and Sean C Solomon

PP41D-08 A Global Ocean State Estimate at the Last Glacial Maximum Daniel E Amrhein and Carl I Wunsch

P42A-03 Interior Evolution of Ceres and Vesta Revealed by Dawn Carol A Raymond, Christopher T Russell, Michael T Bland, Julie C Castillo, Maria Cristina De Sanctis, Anton Ermakov, Ralf Jaumann, Alex S Konopliv, Simone Marchi, Thomas B McCord, Harry Y McSween Jr, Andreas Nathues, Ryan S Park, Thomas H Prettyman, Michael J Toplis, Maria T Zuber and Dawn Science Team

S42B-03 Using Depth Phases and Array Processing to Characterize Intermediate-depth and Deep Earthquake Clusters Manuel Alberto Florez, Chunquan Yu, Piero Poli and German A Prieto

A42F-05 An Assessment of Uncertainty in Projections of Climate-Induced Changes to U.S. O3 Pollution Fernando Garcia Menendez, Erwan Monier and Noelle E Selin

S43E Earthquake Source Studies: Advances in Investigation of Parameters of Simple Source Models I Takahiko Uchide, Xiaowei Chen and German A Prieto

GC43C-1212 Climate Stabilization at 2oC and “Net Zero” Emissions Andrei P Sokolov, Sergey Paltsev, Henry Chen, Martin Haigh and Ronald G Prinn

GP43A-1236 Evaluating the Paleomagnetic Potential of Zircons Eduardo A. LimaRoger R Fu, Benjamin P Weiss, David R. Glenn, Pauli Kehayias and Ronald L Walsworth

PP43E-05 Carbon cycle and climate commitments from early human interference Kirsten Zickfeld and Susan Solomon

C43E-06 The role of meltwater variability in modulating diurnal to inter-annual ice-sheet flow: New insights from a ~decade of high-temporal resolution GPS observations on the western Greenland margin Laura A Stevens, Mark D Behn, Sarah B Das, Ian Joughin, Michiel van den Broeke, Thomas Herring and Jeffrey Joseph McGuire

V43D-07 The Role of Accessory Phases in the Sm-Nd Isotope Systematics of the Acasta Gneiss Complex Ann Bauer, Christopher M Fisher, Jeffrey D. Vervoort and Samuel A Bowring

P44A-01 Deconstructing the shallow internal structure of the Moon using GRAIL gravity and LOLA topography Maria T Zuber

P44B-01 Reassessing the Ancient Martian Ocean Hypothesis using Global Distribution of Valley Networks Ngai-Ham Chan, J Taylor Perron and Jerry X Mitrovica

IN44A Informatics and Intelligent Systems in Reproducible Geoscience Research II Suzanne A Pierce, Edmund Hart, Sai Ravela, Mimi Tzeng and Yolanda Gil

S44A Earthquake Source Studies: Advances in Investigation of Parameters of Simple Source Models II Takahiko Uchide, Xiaowei Chen, and German A Prieto

IN44A-05 Learning and Information Approaches for Inference in Dynamic Data-Driven Geophysical Applications Sai Ravela

T44C-08 Kinematics and Dynamics of Observed Along-Rift Surface Motions in the East African Rift System Sarah Stamps, Wolfgang Bangerth, Bradford H Hager, Corné Kreemer,  and Elifuraha Saria

A51P-0322 A Physically-based Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Model Ping Lu, Ning Lin, James A Smith, Kerry Emanuel and Daniel Robert Chavas

S51A Earthquake Source Studies: Advances in Investigation of Parameters of Simple Source Models III Posters Takahiko Uchide, Xiaowei Chen, and German A Prieto

A51B-0042 Emission Inventory of Halogenated greenhouse gases in China during 1980−2050 Xuekun Fang, Guus J M Velders, A R Ravishankara, Mario Molina, Shenshen Su, Jianbo Zhang, Xiaofang Zhou, Jianxin Hu and Ronald G Prinn

V51C-3046 Fractionation products of basaltic komatiite magmas at lower crustal pressures: implications for genesis of silicic magmas in the Archean Ben E Mandler and Timothy L Grove

C51C Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets I Posters Mauro A Werder, Christian Schoof, Sophie Nowicki, and Patrick Heimbach

GC51F-1156 Assessing Global Mercury Cycling and Trends in the Context of the Minamata Convention Noelle E Selin, Shaojie Song and Amanda Giang

GC51F Trace Metal Cycling in the Environment: Forty Years of Advancements I Posters Priya M Ganguli, Frank Black, Sergio A Sanudo-Wilhelmy, and Edward A Boyle

GC51F-1161 Modeling Dynamics of Mercury on the Antarctic Plateau: Roles of Photochemistry and the Underlying Snowpack Shaojie Song, Noelle E Selin, Hélène Angot and Aurelien Dommergue

GP51C-02 Nanotomography and Micromagnetic Modelling of Remanence Carriers in the Semarkona LL3.0 Chondrite: A New View of the Vortex State Richard J Harrison, Joshua Franz Einsle, Wyn Williams, Pádraig Ó Conbhuí, Roger R Fu, Benjamin P Weiss and Takeshi Kasama

A52C-02 Constraining methane emissions from the Indo-Gangetic Plains and South Asia using combined surface and satellite data Anita Ganesan, Mark F Lunt, Matthew L Rigby, Abhijit Chatterjee, Hartmut Boesch, Robert Parker, Ronald G Prinn, Marcel Vale van der Schoot, Paul B Krummel, Yogesh Kumar Tiwari, Hitoshi Mukai, Toshinobu Machida, Yukio Terao, Shohei Nomura and Prabir Kumar Patra

DI52A-04 Probing Core Processes in the Earth and Small Bodies Using Paleomagnetism Roger R Fu, Benjamin P Weiss, Eduardo A. Lima, David R. Glenn, Pauli Kehayias and Ronald L Walsworth

C53E Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets II Mauro A Werder, Christian Schoof, Sophie Nowicki, Patrick Heimbach, and Matthew J Hoffman

GC53I Trace Metal Cycling in the Environment: Forty Years of Advancements IIPriya M Ganguli, Frank Black, Sergio A Sanudo-Wilhelmy, and  Edward A Boyle

P53A-2104 The Low-Degree Shape of Mercury Mark E Perry, Gregory A Neumann, Erwan Mazarico, Steven A. Hauck II, Sean C Solomon, Maria T Zuber, David E Smith, Roger J Phillips, Jean-Luc Margot, and Catherine L Johnson

P53E-2183 Albedo and Spectral Variability on Ceres from Four Decades of Observations Jian-Yang Li, Andreas Nathues, Lucille Le Corre, Vishnu Reddy, Mark V Sykes, Uri Carsenty, Julie C Castillo, Martin Hoffmann, Ralf Jaumann, Katrin Krohn, Stefano Mottola, Thomas H Prettyman, Michael Schäfer, Paul Schenk, Stefan Schroeder, David A Williams, David E Smith, Maria T Zuber, Alexandar S. Konopliv, Ryan S Park, Carol A Raymond and Christopher Russell

P53E-2190 Constraints on Ceres internal strcuture from the Dawn gravity and shape data Anton Ermakov, Maria T Zuber, David E Smith, Roger R Fu, Carol A Raymond, Christopher T Russell and Ryan S Park

S53A-2776 Migration Based Event Detection and Automatic P- and S-Phase Picking in Hengill, Southwest Iceland Frederic Wagner, Ari Tryggvason, Olafur Gudmundsson, Roland Roberts, Reynir Bodvarsson and Mike Fehler

P53A-2103 The gravity field and orientation of Mercury after the MESSENGER mission Erwan Mazarico, Antonio Genova, Sander J Goossens, Frank G Lemoine, Gregory A Neumann, Maria T Zuber, David E Smith and Sean C Solomon

P53B-2116 The Effect of Pre-Impact Porosity and Vertical Density Gradients on the Gravity Signature of Lunar Craters as Seen by GRAIL Colleen Milbury, Brandon C Johnson, Henry Melosh IV, Gareth S Collins, David M Blair, Jason M Soderblom, Francis Nimmo, Carver Jay Bierson, Roger J Phillips and Maria T Zuber

IN53B Informatics and Intelligent Systems in Reproducible Geoscience Research III Posters Suzanne A Pierce, Edmund Hart, and Sai Ravela

PP53C-2354 206/207Pb and Radiocarbon: An Unlikely Pair for Identifying the Source and Delivery Time of Ocean Advection in the South China Sea Nathalie Goodkin, Annette Bolton, Mengli Chen, Ellen R M Druffel, Edward A Boyle and Adam Switzer

P53B-2113 Probing the Lunar Polar Crust with GRAIL Gravity David E Smith, Maria T Zuber, Sander J Goossens, David D Rowlands, Gregory A Neumann, Erwan Mazarico, Antonio Genova and Frank G Lemoine

PP53C-2363 Historical Records of Combustion Practices Using Molecular and Isotopic Markers in Sediment Profiles Around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Leticia Lazzari, Renato Carreira, Angela L Wagener, Edward A Boyle, Carolina Lott, Jose Marcus Godoy and Carlos Massone

V53G-06 Melt-Rock Reaction in the Mantle Wedge Alexandra L Mitchell and Timothy L Grove

C53E-07 Committed near-future retreat of Smith, Pope, and Kohler Glaciers inferred by transient model calibration Daniel N Goldberg, Patrick Heimbach, Ian Joughin, and Ben Smith

IN53C-07 The Application of Computer-Aided Discovery to Spacecraft Site Selection David M Blair, Michael Gowanlock, Thomas Herring and Victor Pankratius

C54B Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets III Mauro A Werder, Sophie Nowicki, Christian Schoof and Patrick Heimbach

GC54B Trace Metal Cycling in the Environment: Forty Years of Advancements III Priya M Ganguli, Frank Black, Sergio A Sanudo-Wilhelmy, Edward A Boyle, Priya M Ganguli, Frank Black and Sergio A Sanudo-Wilhelmy

P54A-02 Pluto’s Global Color Variability as Seen by the New Horizons Multispectral Visible Imaging Camera Richard P Binzel, Alan Stern, Harold A Weaver Jr, Leslie Ann Young, Catherine Olkin, William M Grundy, Alissa M Earle and New Horizons Composition Theme Team

S54A-05 Kinematic and Dynamic Source Inversions using Elliptical Patches constrained by Teleseismic Source Time Functions and Source Spectra Estimation German A Prieto, Piero Poli, Sergio Ruiz, Carlos Felipe Herrera V and Victor M Cruz-Atienza

P54A-07 Occultation Evidence for Haze in Pluto’s Atmosphere in 2015 at the New Horizons Encounter Amanda S. Bosh, Michael J Person, Carlos Zuluaga, Amanda A Sickafoose, Stephen E Levine, Jay M Pasachoff, Bryce A Babcock, Edward W. Dunham, Ian McLean, Jürgen Wolf, Fumio Abe, Eric Becklin, Thomas A Bida, Len P. Bright, Tim Brothers, Grant Christie, Peter L. Collins, Rebecca F Durst, Alan C. Gilmore, Ryan Hamilton, Hugh C. Harris, Chris Johnson, Pamela M. Kilmartin, Molly R Kosiarek, Karina Leppik, Sarah Logsdon, Robert Lucas, Shevill Mathers, C.J.K. Morley, Tim Natusch, Peter Nelson, Haydn Ngan, Enrico Pfüller, Hans-Peter Röser, Stephanie Sallum, Maureen Savage, Christina H Seeger, Hosea Siu, Chris Stockdale, Daisuke Suzuki, Thanawuth Thanathibodee, Trudy Tilleman, Paul J. Tristram, Jeffrey Van Cleve, Carolle Varughese, Luke W. Weisenbach, Elizabeth Widen and Manuel Wiedemann

GC54B-07 Getting the Lead Out of Bermuda; The Legacy of a Forty Year Record in the North Atlantic Using a Transient Experiment in the Atmosphere and Water Thomas M Church, Laurent Y Alleman, Alain Jacques Joseph Veron, Edward A Boyle, Cheryl Zurbrick, Clair C Patterson and Arthur Russell Flegal Jr

GC54B-08 Isotope exchange between natural and anthropogenic Pb in the coastal waters of Singapore: exchange experiment, Kd model, and implications for the interpretation of coastal 210Pb data Edward A Boyle, Mengli Chen, Cheryl Zurbrick and Gonzalo G Carrasco

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2015 AGU Fall Meeting


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