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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Degrees awarded during the 2015/2016 academic year. Degrees are conferred in September, February and June.

Doctoral Degrees

September 2015

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Roger R. Fu Planetary Science Benjamin Weiss Magnetic Fields in the Early Solar System
Jonathan D.

Roger Summons
& Robert Sauer (WHOI)

Cooperativity and Communication in Archaeal Cdc48.20S, An Ancient Proteolytic Machine
Paul W. Richardson Geology J. Taylor Perron Topographic Asymmetry and Climate Controls on Landscape Evolution

February 2016

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Rene Boiteau Chemical Oceanography Daniel Repeta (WHOI) Molecular Determination of Marine Iron Ligands by Mass Spectrometry
Claire Bucholz Geochemistry Oliver Jagoutz Chemical, Isotopic, and Temporal Variations during Crustal Differentation: Insights from Dariv Igneous Complex, Western Mongolia
Joern Callies Physical Oceanography Raffaele Ferrari Submesoscale Turbulence in the Upper Ocean
Bethanie Edwards Chemical Oceanography Benjamin Van Mooy (WHOI) The Biogeochemistry of Lipid Derived Infochemical Signals in the Ocean
Helen Shao-Hwa Feng Marine Geophysics Daniel Lizarralde (WHOI) Seismic Constraints on the Processes and Consequences of Secondary Igneous Evolution of Pacific Oceanic Lithosphere
Kyrstin Fornace Chemical Oceanography Valier Galy (WHOI)
& Konrad Hughen (WHOI)
Late Quarternary Climate Variability and Terrestrial Carbon Cycling in Tropical South America
Benjamin Linhoff Geochemistry Matthew Charette (WHOI) Seasonal and Interannual Variability in the Hydrology and Geochemistry of an Outlet Glacier of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Jaap Nienhuis Marine Geology Andrew Ashton (WHOI) Plan-view Evolution of Wave-Dominated Deltas
Elena Steponaitis Geochemistry David McGee Deep-lake Carbonates and Speleothems as High-resolution Archives of Paleohydrology in the Bonneville Basin, UT

June 2016

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Rebecca H. Jackson Physical Oceanography Fiamma Straneo (WHOI) Dynamics of Greenland's Glacial Fjords
Yavor Kostov Climate Physics
& Chemistry
John Marshall The Role of High-Latitude Oceans in Transient Climate Change
Benjamin Mandler Geology Timothy Grove Experimental Studies of Magmatic Differentiation and the Effects of Water on Phase Stability
Sophia T. Merrifield Physical Oceanography Louis St. Laurent (WHOI)
& W. Brechner Owens (WHOI)
Mechanisms for Enhanced Turbulence in the Drake Passage Region of the Southern Ocean
Stephen J. Messenger Planetary Sciences Sara Seager Exoplanet Atmospheric Exploration and Categorization through Transmission Spectroscopy
Alexandra Mitchell Geology Timothy Grove Hydrous Melt Generation in the Earth's Mantle
Melissa Moulton Physical Oceanography Steve Elgar (WHOI) Hydrodynamic and Morphodynamic Responses to Surfzone Seafloor Perturbations
Mirna I. Slim Geophysics Franz-Josef Ulm (CEE)
& Brian Evans
Creep Properties of Source Rocks Using Indentation: The Role of Organic Matter on Texture and Creep Rates
Haoyue Wang Geophysics Bradford Hager Study of Reactive Flow, Ground Deformation and Real-Time Tomography with Applications on CO2 Sequestration
Chunquan Yu Geophysics Rob van der Hilst Imaging of Crust and Mantle Structures with Teleseismic Reflected Waves

Masters Degrees

September 2015

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Matthew Joss Geobiology Tanja Bosak
& Daniel Rothman
Formation of Authigenic Minerals During Microbial Degradation in Artificial Marine Media
Dana M. Mastropole

Physical Oceanography

Robert S. Pickart (WHOI) Hydrographic Structure of Overflow Water Passing Through the Denmark Strait
Nasruddin A. Nazerali Geophysics F. Dale Morgan Effects of Lateral Heterogeneity on ID D.C. Resistivity and Transient Electromagnetic Soundings in Kuwait
Zhulin Yu Geophysics Robert D. van der Hilst Imaging the Lowermost Mantle (D") Beneath the Pacific Ocean with SKKS Coda Waves

June 2016

Name Thesis Field Advisor Thesis Title
Molly R. Kosiarek Planetary Sciences Amanda Bosh Modeling Pluto's Light Curve in the Near Infrared: Implications for Observation Post New Horizons
Rohith Vilasur
Physical Oceanography Glenn Flierl Vortices in Sinusoidal Shear, with Applications to Jupiter
Diming Yu Geophysics F. Dale Morgan Investigations of the b-value and its Variations on Possible Earthquake Prediction in the North-South China Seismic Belt

Bachelors Degrees

September 2015

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title
Reena L. Joubert
Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
David McGee Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of the Ediacaran Julie Formation, Central Australia

June 2016

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title
Elizabeth J. Berg* Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Noelle Selin Mercury Emissions Inventories in the Lake Superior States
Duy Anh N. Doan* Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Amanda Bosh Analysis of Magnetic Activity Cycles in Solar Analogs Using Solar - Stellar Spectrograph Data
Madison M. Douglas Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
J. Taylor Perron Constraints on Passive Margin Escarpment Evolution from River Basin Reorganization in Brazil
Katrina L. Hui* Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Paul O'Gorman Recent Changes in the Variability and Seasonality of Temperature and Precipitation in the Northern Hemisphere
Megan L. Mansfield* Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Amanda Bosh Analysis of Pluto's Light Curve to Detect Volatile Transport
Ashling M. Neary Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
David McGee Records of Great Basin Precipitation During MIS 11 From Two Lehman Cave Stalagmites
Judy Pu Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Kristin Bergmann Geochronological Constraints on the Trinity Diamictite in Newfoundland: Implications for Ediacaran Glaciation
Elezhan Zhakiya* Earth, Atmospheric
& Planetary Sciences
Bradford Hager Using Machine Learning for Hydrocarbon Prospecting in Reconcavo Basin, Brazil


* Double-Major

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