ClimateX Kicks Off With Science

Monday, October 3, 2016

Graduate student Gabriela Serrarto Marks kicks off ClimateX, Climate CoLab's competition-winning pilot effort to create a peer-to-peer learning platform for climate action intended  to spark meaningful local and global change.

MIT ClimateX | Climate Science | Gabi Marks, PhD candidate, MIT EAPS

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are a powerful tool for reaching learners at scale. Recognizing they can lack personalization, ClimateX was pitched as a layer on top of edX, the massive open online course provider, through which MIT alumni could impart and receive personalized learning on climate related science, technology, and policy.

EAPS graduate student Gabriela Serrato Marks hosts the first ClimateX webinar The Future of Climate Science today at noon. A member of the McGee Lab, Serrato Marks studies the composition of stalagmites as a key to measuring paleoclimate change.

The second webinar Community Science: Reimagining knowledge production will be co-hosted by EAPS alumna Britta Voss PhD '14 on Wednesday, October 12 at 12 noon EDT. Voss researches river chemistry, specifically how carbon from the land moves through river systems and is modified by biological processes in transit. She shared her thesis work on biogeochmeical processes in the Fraser River, Canada, in the news story Of the River and Time. Voss is now based in Boulder, CO where she works as a scientists with the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Visit for the complete list of upcoming webnars.

Climate EAPSters: If you are interested in leading an open webinar, email your webinar ideas to

ClimateX is an open online experiment, the prototype, for a peer-to-peer platform for climate education and action.

ClimateX aspires to be a place where the MIT community and learners from around the world can connect, share knowledge, network ideas, and develop concrete solutions to climate change. Their values are grounded in the MIT principles of learning by doing and global engagement.

The 8-week pilot begins on October 3, with:

·         A series of weekly open webinars, led by MIT grad students and alumni, on a variety of climate action topics: from the latest science and technologies to local action and personal career choices.

·         A simple digital community tool where you can form groups, engage in discussions, and network ideas.  

·         A challenge platform where you can propose, develop and get feedback on real solutions -- local or global -- to specific climate issues.


Direct link to October 3 hangout:

Climate CoLab

The goal of the Climate CoLab is to harness the collective intelligence of thousands of people from all around the world to address global climate change. Inspired by systems like Wikipedia and Linux, the MT Center for Collective Intelligence developed this crowdsourcing platform where people work with experts and each other to create, analyze, and select detailed proposals for what to do about climate change.

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