Glenn Flierl Receives AMS Stommel Award

Helen Hill | EAPS News
Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Professor of Oceanography, Glenn Flierl, has been awarded the Henry Stommel Research Award of the American Meteorological Society  "For fundamental insights into the dynamics of vortices and geostrophic turbulence and their impact on marine ecosystems."

Glenn Flierl is an oceanographer concerned with impacts of eddies on the distribution of tracers and biology in the ocean, including both transport and alterations in the reaction terms. Examples of current areas of active research include using the tools and methodologies of geophysical fluid dynamics to explore physical as well as biological and chemical aspects of strongly nonlinear eddies and meandering jets,  modeling vortices in vertically and horizontally sheared flows, and exploring interactions between waves and vortices. With a PhD in Physics from Harvard (1975), Professor Flierl joined the faculty in 1976.

The Henry Stommel Research Award is granted to researchers in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of the understanding of the dynamics and physics of the ocean. The award, in the form of a medallion, will be presented at the 95th Annual Awards Banquet to be held 7 January, 2015, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona.

Emeritus Professor Carl Wunsch recieved the Stommel Award in 2000.