Degrees Awarded 2013/2014

Education Office
Thursday, June 5, 2014

Congratulations to all our graduates. Here are all the degrees EAPS students have been awarded during the 2013/2014 academic year.

Doctoral Degrees

September 2013

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title
Benjamin Black Geology, Geobiology & Geochemistry Lindy Elkins Tanton Volatiles as a Link Between Planetary Interiors and the Environment
Alex Evans Geophysics Maria Zuber Geophysical Evolution of Planetary Interiors and Surfaces: Moon & Mars
Xinding Fang Geophysics Michael Fehler Geophysical Characterization of the Effects of Fractures and Stress on Subsurface Reservoirs

Junlun Li

Geophysics Nafi Toksöz Study of Induced Seismicity for Reservoir Characterization
Sara Lincoln Geology, Geobiology & Geochemistry Roger Summons Molecular Studies of the Sources and Significance of Archaeal Lipids in the Ocean
Whitney Bernstein Chemical Oceanography

Konrad A. Hughen


Variations in Coral Reef Net Community Calcification and Aragonite Saturation State on Local and Global Scales
Jessica Fitzsimmons Chemical Oceanography Edward Boyle The Marine Biogeochemistry of Dissolved and Colloidal Iron

February 2014

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title

Scott Burdick


Robert van der Hilst

Teleseismic Transmission and Reflection Tomography
Hui Huang


Robert van der Hilst

Ambient Noise Tomography for Wavespeed and Anisotrophy in the Crust of Southwestern China

Peter James


Maria Zuber

Geophysical Insights into the Histories of Venus, Mercury and the Moon

Xuefeng Shang


Robert van der Hilst

Inverse Scattering: Theory and Application to the Imaging of the Earth's Seismic Discontinuities

Erin Shea

Geology, Geochemistry, and Geobiology

Samuel Bowring

Arc Magmatism at Different Crustal Levels, North Cascades, WA

Sonia Tikoo-Schantz

Planetary Science

Benjamin Weiss

Decline of the Lunar Dynamo

Alison Criscitiello

Marine Geology and Geophysics

Sara Das


Amundsen Sea Sea-Ice Variability, Atmospheric Circulation, and Spatial Variations in Snow Isotopic Composition from New West Antarctic Firn Cores

Meagan Gonneea Chemical Oceanography

Matthew Charette


Temporal Variability in Chemical Cycling of the Subterranean Estuary and Associated Chemical Loading to the Coastal Ocean

Kathleen Munson

Chemical Oceanography

Karl Lamborg


Transformations of Mercury in the Marine Water Column

Daniel Ohnemus

Chemical Oceanography

Phoebe Lam


The Biogeochemistry of Marine Particulate Trace Metals

Michael Toomey

Marine Geology and Geophysics

Jeffrey P. Donnelly


Quaternary Morphology and Paleoenvironmental Records of Carbonate Islands

June 2014

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title

Abdulaziz AlMuhaidib


Nafi Toksöz

Numerical Modeling, Suppression, and Imaging of Elastic Wave Scattering by Near-Surface Heterogeneities

Seth Burgess Geology, Geochemistry, and Geobiology Samuel Bowring

High-Precison U/Pb Geochronology of Large Igneous Provinces and Mass Extinctions: Testing Coincidence and Causation

Timothy Cronin

Climate Physics and Chemistry

Kerry Emanuel

Land-Atmosphere Interaction and Radiative-Convective Equilibrium

Nathaniel Dixon Geophysics William Durham

Experimental Constraints on the Rheological Behavior of Olivine at Upper Mantle Conditions

Christopher Follett Chemical Oceanography Daniel Rothman

Heterogeneous Reservoirs in the Marine Carbon Cycle

Elise Olson

Physical Oceanography

Dennis McGillicuddy


Investigating the role of Trichodesmium spp. in the oceanic nitrogen cycle through observations and models

Martin Singh Atmospheric Science Paul O'Gorman

The response of moist convection and the atmospheric general circulation to climate warming

Allison Wing Atmospheric Science Kerry Emanuel

Physical Mechanisms Controlling Self-Aggregation of Convection in Idealized Numerical Modeling Simulations

Masters Degrees

September 2013

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title
Alex Evans Earth and Planetary Sciences Tanja Bosak

Characteristics of Cone-Forming Cyanobacteria and Implications for the Origin of Conical Stromatolites

Marie Giron

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Roger Summons

Establishing Geochemical Constraints on Mass Accumulation Rates Across the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary With Extraterrestrial Helium-3

Roman Kowch

Atmospheric Science

Kerry Emanuel

Diurnal Analysis of Intensity Trends in Atlantic Tropical Cyclones

Ruel Jerry Geophysics Bradford Hager

Effects of Subsurface Fracture Interactions on Surface Deformation

Yodit Tewelde Planetary Science Maria Zuber

Constraining the Average Fill Densitites of Mars' Lowlands and Fluvial Erosion of Titan's Polar Regions

February 2014

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title
Jing Liu


Robert van der Hilst

Subsurface Tomography and Surface Deformation in Krýsuvík Geothermal Field, SW Iceland

Daniel Amrhein

Physical Oceanography

Carl Wunsch

An Inverse Approach to Understanding Benthic Oxygen Isotope Records from the Last Deglaciation

June 2014

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title

Shaena Berlin

Atmospheric Science Daniel Cziczo

An Electrodynamic Balance (EDB) for Extraterrestrial Cloud Formation Studies

Sarvesh Garimella

Climate Physics and Chemistry

Daniel Cziczo

Cloud Condensation Nucleus Activity Comparison of Dry- and Wet-generated Mineral Dust Aerosol: The significance of soluble material

Bachelors Degrees

June 2014

Name Program Advisor Thesis Title
Ann Alampi Undergraduate Michael Fehler Effectiveness of Microseismic Monitoring for Optimizing Hydraulic Fracturing in California
Jessica Fujimori Undergraduate

David McGee

& Elizabeth Pierce

(Wellesley College)

Ice-rafted Debris in the Southern Ocean: Potential uses and limitations of 230Th-normalized fluxes
Jessica Haskins Undergraduate Susan Solomon The effect of Volcanic Aerosols on Mid-latitude Ozone Recovery
Matthew Joss  Undergraduate

Saul Rappaport


Rapidly Rotating K Stars and the Detection of Relatively Young Hierarchical K Star Systems
Rachel Keeler Undergraduate

Noelle Selin

& Marguerite Nyhan

(Course 11)

A Neural Network Model of Manhattan Air Pollution at High Spatial Resolution
Kathryn Materna Undergraduate Thomas Herring Analysis of Atmospheric Delays and Asymmetric Positioning Errors in the Global Positioning System
Elise Myers Undergraduate Roger Summons Complex Lipids in Microbial Mats and Stromatolites of Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay, Australia 
Naomi Schurr Undergraduate

Taylor Perron

& Paul Richardson

Climatic Influences on Hillslope Soil Transport Efficiency 

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