Classroom Earth: DEAPS Extreme Weather and Climate 2014

Helen Hill
Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Photos via EAPS Flickr photostream (Photos credit Amanda Bosh, Helen Hill, Paul Richardson, and Jeff Scott as noted)

August 20 - 24, 2014 Cambridge, MA | Westford, MA | Mt Washington, NH

The annual EAPS Freshman pre-orientation exploration program in Extreme Weather and Climate covers some of the most interesting and challenging aspect of weather and climate research.

Led by Senior Lecturer Lodovica Illari, this year with support from grad students Vince Agard, Daniel Gilford, Daniel Rothenberg, and Paul Richardson, with additional assistance from undergraduate TAs Casey Hilgenbrink and Costa Christopoulos, 15 incoming Freshman enjoyed lectures, carried out experiments indoors and out, participated in astronomical observing, and spent a perfect weekend in northern New Hampshire hiking Mount Washington, exploring the local ecology and geomorphology, and visiting the weather observatory on the summit - Kevin L. even took advantage of the rotating table in the fluids lab to take the ALS ice bucket challenge.


DEAPS eXtreme Weather and Climate participant, MIT freshman Kevin Lu took the ALS ice bucket challenge in the EAPS fluid lab. Thanks Justin Lu for challenging Kevin. And who did Kevin challenge? 3 former classmates who went to that other place (Harvard): Karl Otness, Naomi Reiner and Brandon Wright...


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