Senior Investigator Award

Helen Hill
Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Principal Research Scientist Robert King has been awarded AGU's new Ivan I. Mueller award.

EAPS' congratulations to Senior Research Scientist Robert W. King who has been awarded the American Geophysical Union's inaugural Ivan I. Mueller Award for Distinguished Service and Leadership.

King specializes in the application of high precision GPS geodesy to crustal deformation and atmospheric studies. In particular his work is concerned with continuous monitoring for improved accuracy and detection of short period phenomena. He receives this award, in particular, for his work developing the GAMIT/GLOBK GPS analysis software, a suite of programs for analyzing GPS measurements primarily to study crustal deformation but also for the training he has provided GAMIT's broad user base over the last 30 years. The award will take place just before the Bowie Lecture at the Fall AGU in San Francisco.

Dr King received his PhD from MIT in 1975. He joined EAPS in 1977 and has been a Principal Research Scientist in the department since 1985.

The Ivan I. Mueller Award for Distinguished Service and Leadership was established in 2012 by the Geodesy section in recognition of achievements in the field of geodesy beyond scientific and research contributions. In particular, the Mueller Award acknowledges major achievements in service to and/or leadership within the field of geodesy performed by an individual who is a member of the AGU, who has primary or secondary membership in the Geodesy Section, and whose body of work enhances the visibility of geodesy within AGU and within the international associated bodies. The award honors AGU Fellow and Waldo E. Smith medalist, Ivan I. Mueller for his major contribution to international programs that advanced geodesy over the past half century. Mueller is a professor emeritus of geodesy with the Ohio State University School of Earth Sciences.

The Mueller Award encompasses all areas of geodesy, including: exceptional performance in fieldwork, the development and maintenance of major software systems, the leadership of scientific initiatives, education and public outreach, and a variety of other service and leadership achievements.