New Faculty

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

EAPS is delighted to announce that Kristin Bergmann will be joining EAPS as an Assistant Professor in July 2015.

Kristin’s multi-disciplinary research—stratigraphy, sedimentology, (clumped isotope) geochemistry, geobiology—focuses on reconstructing the record of environmental change from observations of sedimentary rocks from latest Precambrian to Ordovician time. To date she has worked on carbonate sedimentary rocks in order to better understand how the chemistry and climate of the oceans and atmosphere have affected the evolution of animal life over this time. Kristin’s research connects well with EAPS geobiology, paleo-climate and paleo-oceanography, and surface processes groups and will add a new component to our field geology program.

She received a BA degree in Geology and Environmental Studies from the Carleton College in 2004, spent three years teaching earth sciences at Pennington High School, and is about to defend her PhD thesis at Caltech (supervised by Professors John Grotzinger, Woody Fischer and John Eiler). This summer she will start a Junior Fellowship with the Harvard Society of Fellows, to work with Professors Andy Knoll and Dave Johnston. She will join us in the summer of 2015, but being next door she will probably begin to engage well before then.

Search committee members were Wiki Royden (Chair), Noelle Selin, Taylor Perron, Sam Bowring, and Ed Boyle.