EAPS at GSA 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Geological Society of America sponsored its 125th annual meeting in Denver October 27-30, 2013 with more than 20 EAPS faculty, students, and staff participating.

At the meeting Schlumberger Professor of Geology Clark Burchfiel was honored "for his outstanding service promoting tectonics and understanding of the Himalayan Geology and leading many successful expeditions to Tibet and adjacent areas" with the GSA's 2013 Distinguished Career Award.

Also during the week, Professor Taylor Perron gave a talk explaining the patterns of nature to members of the MIT Club of Colorado. EAPS and Cal Tech also held their annual reception at the Hyatt Regency with over 100 guests in attendance.

EAPS Presentations 

New insights into Bonneville Basin hudrology over the last 25ka from U/TH-dated cave and lake carbonates

MCGEE, DavidSTEPONAITIS, Elena, QUADE, Jay, ANDREWS, Alexandra, EDWARDS, R. Lawrence, HSIEH, Yu-Te, BROECKER, Wallace, and CHENG, Hai.

GEOCHRON.ORG: The progress and structure of a detrital mineral database (Part of EARTHCHEM/IEDA)

YOKELSON, Intan, GEHRELS, George, MCLEAN, Noah M., WALKER, Douglas, BOWRING, James F., BOWRING, Sam, ASH, Jason, and TOCHILIN, Clare 

The third data point: Fluvial erosion and drainage network evolution on Titan

PERRON, J. TaylorBLACK, Benjamin A.TEWELDE, Yodit, BAILEY, Elizabeth, BURR, Devon M., DRUMMOND, Sarah, FORD, Peter G., and MILLER, Scott R.

40AR/39AR Chronostratigraphy of Cretaceous and Paleocene strata in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico: Accuracy limitation of high precision measurements

HEIZLER, Matthew, T., WILLIAMSON, Thomas E., PEPPE, Daniel J., RAMEZANI, JahandarBOWRING, Samuel A., and MASON, Iain.

What contros the chemical stratification of an entire arcs crust? Insights into large-scale magamatic processes in oceanic arcs

JAGOUTZ, Oliver.

Microscopic textures, macroscopic shapes and deposition rates of peloidal facies in the Basal Ediacaran Cap Dolostone

BOSAK, Tanja,  MARIOTTI, Giulio, MACDONALD, Francis A., PERRON, J. Taylor, and PRUSS, Sara B.

Tectono-magmatic in Iran: 32 years after the publication of Berbarian and Berbarian (1981)

GHALAMGHASH, Jalil, RAMEZANI, Jahandar, and GHADERI, Majid.

A radioisotopic and astrochronologic cross-calibration of the Wilkins Peak Member of the Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA

MACHLUS, Malka L., RAMEZANI, JahandarBOWRING, Samuel A., HEMMING, Sidney R., TSUKUI, Kaori, and CLYDE, William C.

The GEOCHRON sytem for sharing and archiving geochronology data: New advances in data management

WALKER, J. Douglas, ASH, Jason, BOWRING, James F., BOWRING, S.A., and MCLEAN, Noah M.

Revised chronostratigraphy and correlation of the earliest dinosaur-bearing strata in the American Southwest: U-PB geochronologic constraints on the late Triassic tetrapod evolution

RAMEZANI, JahandarFASTOVSKY, David E., and BOWRING, Samuel A.

Topographic stress and rock fracture in a deep critical zone

PERRON, J. TaylorSLIM, Mirna, MARTEL, Stephen J., and SINGHA, Kamini

Rapid rotation of normal faults due to flexural stresses: An explanation for the global distribution of normal fault dips

OLIVE, Jean-Arthur L.

Rates of magma evolution in three different granitic complexes: An insite into the petrology of granite pluton construction and thermal evolution of upper crustal magmas

BUCHWALDT, Robert, TOULKERIDIS, Theofilos, , and TODT, Wolfgang.

Evidence for a post-Sturtian Eukaryotic biosphere from Cap carbonates of Northern Namibia and Zambia

PRUSS, Sara B., BOSAK, Tanja, MACDONALD, Francis A., SAWDY, Maggie, MOORE, Kelsey, and LAHR, Daniel J.G.

Microbial shaping of wrinkle structures in siliciclastic deposits

MARIOTTI, GiulioPERRON, J. Taylor, PRUSS, Sara B., O'GRADY, M., and BOSAK, Tanja

Crustal development within a retreating subduction system: The Hellenides

BURCHFIEL, B. Clark and ROYDEN, Leigh H.

Global climate across the Permian-Triassic boundary: Modeling the effects of gas release from Siberian volcanoes

BLACK, Benjamin A., LAMARQUE, Jean-Francois, SHIELDS, Christine, ELKINS-TANTON, Linda, and KIEHL, Jeffrey.

Smaller, better, more: Five decades of advances in geochemistry. Part I: Inorganic Geochemistry

JOHNSON, Clark, MCLENNAN, Scott M., MCSWEEN, Harry Y. Jr, and SUMMONS, Roger E.

Smaller, better, more: Five decades of advances in geochemistry. Part II: Organic Geochemistry

SUMMONS, Roger, JOHNSON, Clark, MCLENNAN, Scott M., and MCSWEEN, Harry Y. Jr.

A field and geochemical study of the hydrous fractionation of an alkaline primitive arc melt: The Dariv Igneous Complex, Western Mongolia

BUCHOLZ, Claire E.JAGOUTZ, Oliver, and SCHMIDT, Max W.

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