2012 EAPS Student Awards

Education Office
Monday, May 21, 2012

A roll-call of this year's Excellence in Teaching, Crosby, Goetze and Rossby Award recipients.

The W.O Crosby Award for Sustained Excellence

in recognition of achievement, both academic and intellectual, as well as general contributions to the Department.

Amber Stangroom '12

The Christopher Goetze Prize for Undergraduate Research

in recognition of innovative experimental design, care in data collection, and sensitive application of results to research problems.

Deepa Rao '12 for her thesis Exploring the Microbe-mediated Soil H2 sink: A lab-based study of the physiology and related H2 consumption of isolates from the Harvard Forest LTER.  Her supervisor was Ms. Laura Meredith, and her advisor was Prof. Ron Prinn.

The Award for Excellence as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

in recognition of an undergraduate student teaching assistant in EAPS who has been selected by faculty and students to have met the highest standards of performance.

Stephanie Sallum '12

The EAPS Achievement Award

in recognition of a junior from across the EAPS disciplines who has distinguished her or himself through a combination of high GPA, focused course work, and leadership within EAPS.

Shaena Berlin '13

 The Award for Excellence in Teaching

in recognition of graduate student teaching assistants in EAPS who have been selected by faculty and students to have met the highest levels of performance.

Seth Burgess
Ruel Jerry
Jean-Arthur Olive
Ben Mandler


This year's alumni speaker was Charles Meeder a senior geoscience consultant and EAPS alumni. Meeder's career has centered around seismic data acquisition and borehole seismic applications for oil and gas exploration and development.

After studying physics at West Point in the late 60s, Charles moved to MIT where he got his B.S. in Geophysics in 1973. After completing his Masters at the University of Washington, again in Geophysics, in 1977, he joined the USGS, looking at seismic field operations and carrying out geophysical investigations of the US continental margins to assess their hydrocarbon potential.

Later as a seismologist at the US Bureau of Reclamation Charles performed earthquake hazard studies for USRB projects in the Western US.

Then followed an extended career at Marathon Oil where, over a period of more than 30 years, Charles brought his seismology skills to a range of projects among them seismic acquisition and borehole seismic applications and seismic processing as well as "Prestack Depth Migration for subsalt" in the Gulf go Mexico and "Overthrust" in Canada, USA, South America, Asia and Europe.

Right now, his consultancy work, is involving him in the design and management of projects such as seismic fracture detection and microseismic monitoring of hydrofracturing projects.