Senior Thesis

All students complete a senior thesis. Many student explore possible thesis topics with UROP projects during one or both terms of their junior year. The summer term is a good time to start research on a thesis project, but starting in the fall term should give you plenty of time to complete your research and write your thesis. You should register for 12.TIP in the fall term of your senior year. This will help you get organized and prepare for your writing. Register for 12.ThU during the spring term.  Double majors may complete one theses that is acceptable by both departments with the thoughtful selection of a research project. Consult the EAPS Education Director for guidance if you have questions or concerns.

Thesis and Writing Resources

Writing a Technical Paper by Menzel, Jones, and Boyd 
(Copyrighted Material, certificate required)

The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within by Edward R. Tufte 
(Copyrighted Material, certificate required)

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Academic Integrity at MIT: a handbook for students